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South Korean Singer-Songwriter Zion.T releases the final single and music video “V (Peace) (feat. AKMU)” from his 10-track album titled [Zip] via THEBLACKLABEL. The K-Pop sibling sensations deemed “prodigies’, Akdong Musician (AKMU) link up for a second time after previously featuring Zion.T on their 2021 track “BENCH“.

“V (Peace) (feat. AKMU)” is the third single off of the album arriving two days after the release of “UNLOVE (prod. HONNE)” and “Stranger”. The colorful music video finds Zion.T being followed by a group of dancers wearing his face as a mask as he moves through various parts of the city. Throughout the video, a peace sign is made with the hands forming the shape of a “V” and you can see cameos from various talents such as M-Flo, Tanaka and Kunichi Nomura.

[Zip] lists an impressive lineup of features from various music fields, in addition to Akdong Musician, American jazz trumpeter Benny Benack III, pianist Seokcheol Yoon and British electronic duo, HONNE. The 10-track project tells various stories of daily life based on deep reflections and experiences with Zion.T participating in the songwriting on every track. The album mixes various genres including parts of pop, R&B, soul, folk, ballad, jazz and hip-hop with production from PEEJAY, Junu Park, Fisherman and Slom.

This is Zion.T latest solo project since his last EP [ZZZ] as he has since appeared as a judge on the hit show “Show Me The Money 10” where he co-produced and featured on “MERRY-GO-ROUND” which remained #1 on Billboard K-Pop chart for 12 straight weeks. He also collaborated with Gen Hoshino on the soundtrack for the Marvel action-film “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” and this past October, he also collaborated with Rich Brian and Warren Hue on the song and music video for “World Stop Turning” released through 88rising.

Zion.T has said of this project

As I enter my twelfth winter, I release my third studio album, [Zip]. Looking back, I realize that I don’t release albums regularly. It seems more rare than an annual event, doesn’t it? 

The songs on this project were not created easily. Scattered at times, hidden at others, they eventually came together over time to form what they are now. 

While they may not be perfect, I believe that they’ve turned out quite wonderfully. I hope that among these ten tracks, there is at least one song that you would like to keep and cherish.

Once again, thank you for listening! Your support enables me to continue making music.



Stream The Albumhttps://lnk.to/Zion.T_Zip



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About Zion.T:

Zion.T is one of the most original and commercially successful artists in South Korea.

He is a singer and producer best known for his ability to flawlessly blend his distinctive voice with elements of hip-hop, R&B, soul, jazz and pop. He has been nominated multiple times for ‘Artist of the Year’ with his unconventional yet deeply sincere music. His incredible talent in music, coupled with his unique sense for fashion and visualization, has solidified his position as an artist who transcends the musical landscape.

Zion.T has collaborated with global acts like PSY and G-Dragon and also featured on Marvel’s ‘Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings’ soundtrack with Japanese artist Gen Hoshino. In 2021, he mentored aspiring musicians on Korea’s hit hip-hop competition show ‘SHOW ME THE MONEY’, where he co-produced and featured on ‘MERRY-GO-ROUND’, which topped the Billboard K-Pop chart for 12 straight weeks.

Noted as being one of the best live performers, he has toured all over the world starting SXSW in the US to solo concerts across Europe and Asia.

Zion.T has collaborated with major global brands, has landed on Forbes ‘Korea Power Celebrity’ list, and will continue to pave the way by setting new standards in the music industry as a legend-in-the-making.



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