With 2.3 million Weibo followers in China, Japanese artist INTO1 RIKIMARU releases new single ‘UP and DOWN’ ! Music video out too!

February 20, 2023 | 1773 Visits

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Following his successful appearances as part of boyband INTO1 on Tencent’s mega-hit Chinese show ‘CHUANG2021’, Japanese artist INTO1 RIKIMARU has released his new single ‘UP and DOWN’, on February 17. INTO1 RIKIMARU co-wrote the song, a dance tune that tells the story of the “ups and downs” of his life from his unique perspective.

A short dance video version of this track was released in May 2022 and caused a meltdown online, with an astonishing 7.58 million views on leading Chinese social network Weibo and 550,000 views on YouTube. This new release is an all-new recording of the full song. A new music video with a story depicting INTO1 RIKIMARU breaking from his past self, featuring his characteristic powerful choreography, was also released today.

‘UP and DOWN’ music video https://youtu.be/ARN1rXy2DII

The title ‘UP and DOWN’ expresses how life is not always perfect – it has its highs, and its overwhelmingly deep lows – but these experiences are all part of life, helping us to grow towards infinite possibilities. This strong message offers inspiration to light your darkest hour.




In 2021, INTO1 RIKIMARU appeared on Tencent’s mega-hit TV show ‘CHUANG2021’ in China, which received a total of 5 billion views. After winning third place in the fan vote, he made his debut as a member of the limited-time boyband INTO1. He is also a well-known choreographer, creating dances for a number of popular K-pop artists and performing live, making him a respected member of the dance scene.


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