Top 5 Korean Hobbies

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Top 5 Korean Hobbies

Koreans enjoy a lot of things Americans are into. There is not much of a difference besides maybe one or two things. Koreans love to exercise, eat, and watch TV, just like anyone else in other countries. Out of these five lists, you probably aren’t familiar with the last two. Especially number four, because I don’t think there are any countries with a place called ‘PC Room’ where you can just go in and play a bunch of games with people around your age and order food and drinks while you’re there.

#1 Addicted to Smartphones. This is one of the main hobbies of a typical Korean person. They’re on their smart phones 24/7. I’m pretty sure people in other countries are like this too, but maybe not as much. Koreans seem to be a little too addicted to their cell phones. They can’t go a day without them and if you see people walking on the streets, the majority of the young people will be on their phones while walking. Nowadays everyone carries smartphones. You can literally do anything you want from such a small device. When you go to places like shopping malls, restaurants, or even ride the subway or a bus, you will notice that everyone’s head is down, including the older adults.

 Addicted to Smartphones

#2 Eating. They don’t just eat anything that pops into their head, but Koreans like to research for places to eat. Food is a very important part of their culture, so they spend their time on eating food at famous restaurants. If a celebrity on variety shows eats something, most people will want to try it. Instead of forgetting about what they saw on TV, they do a search about the place immediately and if it seems good, you can expect them to go to that restaurant within a month.


#3 Health. Spending time on your healthy body is also important. Instead of going on a run in the neighborhood, people go to the gym to work out. The gym is a big center where it’s not only for workouts. It has swimming lessons, dance lessons, yoga, and can have many more things to participate in such as a sauna, hot tub, and a bike spinning.  If you become a member with one of these, you have the permission to use all the systems.


#4 PC Room. This is mainly for the guys. There’s a place called PC Room and at this place, it has hundreds of computers that you can use to play games, study, or whatever you want for a small amount of money. The place even serves food and drinks and a lot of young teens hang-out there. Most of them go to play games and to have fun from outside of school. Parents don’t let their kids play games on the computer, because they think it’s wasting time. Young adults go to PC Rooms so that their parents won’t find out about them playing games.  Therefore, PC Rooms are pretty much the only place they can rely on.

 PC Room

#5 TV.  TV plays a huge role in an average Korean home. Every night, the family likes to watch drama or variety shows together after having dinner. The shows usually start at night, so it’s a great bonding time with the family. If the family has children who are in middle school, up to high school, they usually don’t have the time to watch it together as a family, because the students are always busy with schoolwork and studying. It’s very common for Koreans to interact with neighbors in their apartments.  And, they like to invite each other to watch TV together while eating some snacks.


— Juyeon Oh

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