Tongyeong City: The Creative and Historic City

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Tongyeong is a coastal city situated in the southern part of Korea with international recognition for its deep maritime history and contribution to arts, music, and culture. In Hansado Island, Tongyeong, the legendary Admiral Yu Sin Si led Korea’s Joseon Kingdom to victory against the Japanese revolution. As such, Tongyeong City is filled with traces of the admiral’s legacy through the city’s numerous historical folklore and sites. In addition to being a historical city, Tongyeong City is known as the birthplace of famous musicians, including the iconic composer Yu I Sang, poet Kim Choon Su, and novelist Park Kyong Ni. Tongyeong City has received global accreditation for its continued contribution towards music crediting it the “City of Music” title designated by UNESCO’s City of Music Network in 2015.



Jeseungdang Shrine is one of Tongyeong’s historical places where one can walk down the history lane of Admiral Yu’s 16th-century history. One among several shrines, the Jeseungdang Shrine is said to ooze the hero’s anguish and valor in his quest to save the Joseon Kingdom from slavery. Termed the “House of Victory”, Jeseungdang Shrine is where the former naval commander spent sleepless nights strategizing for his victory. Surrounded by scenic views, especially from the reflective colorful rays from the adjacent lake, Jeseungdang Shrine is a must-visit spot in Tongyeong.



As the “City of Music”, Tongyeong City’s endless music events, including the international music festival, are worth looking forward to. The Ogwandae mask dance is one of Tongyeong City’s many activities aimed at maintaining the city’s rich cultural footing. As an artistic city, Tongyeong’s traditional craft, mother-of-pearl inlay lacquer ware, is another beauty to behold. This artifact, famously termed “Najeon” was considered a treasure in the Joseon era. Tongyeong city is also known for the iconic Camelia Island whose panoramic views include a trail of camellia trees and mountain vistas.



Other worthy places to visit in Tongyeong City include Mireuksan Mountain, Dongpirang Mural Village, and Suryuk Beach. One can view the Tongyeong port and Hallyeo Waterway from the sky using cable cars or enjoy a refreshing sled down the hill with a perfect view of the sea on luges at Skyline Luge Tongyeong.


—-Karen Mwenda


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