The corner club Returns with “in the rearview mirror”

November 6, 2023 | 909 Visits


The not so cool kids in the corner Mike and Sav of the indie pop duo corner club, are back with a new EP. Some of you KCrush readers may remember listening to their interview on Candid Conversations back in August. Following up their 2021 freshman EP “little love lullabies” with “in the rearview mirror.” A beautiful rollercoaster of life’s ups and downs. Sav and Mike are no strangers to writing about experiences and man are they sharing some good ones. In the two years following their first release there has been a cross country move for both of them, losses and hurdles of love. Sav, the vocalist for corner club had this to say on the EP, “With a longer project like this one, we had the opportunity to experiment with new styles while hopefully keeping some of our usual atmosphericness and storytelling.”

The first release from “in the rearview mirror” was “dreaming.” It was inspired by a group chat where Sav’s aunt discussed a dream she had following the passing of her grandmother. It’s a very  heartfelt and gentle song with some beautiful acoustic guitar play. The next track up was  “wherever you’re ready.” I was instantly hooked after playing it. The first night I played it about five times back to back. It tells the story of the aftermath feelings following a break up. When most people part with a partner they sometimes wish their ex well, but not here. The song opens up with the lyrics “I hope you’re not ok. I hope you’re down in the dumps. I hope you think of me when you’re crying to sleep (boohoo).” Then later a really upbeat and powerful guitar riff is played. It’s a really fun song and I absolutely love the tongue-in-cheek attitude the lyrics bring. It was also released with a music video directed by Emily Lin. Mike, the guitarist and producer of corner club says, “The story of the video basically has Sav following around her ex, watching mischievously as he meets a new girl, only for things not to work out (with the help of a little sabotage from Sav). At the end, there’s a bit of a romcom trope, where the new girl meets the old girl and they commiserate over their shared experiences.”



Another standout on the EP is a song called “radiant.” It’s hard for me to pick a favorite track, but it’s certainly between “whenever you’re ready” or this. It opens with “I wish I were radiant. The kind of girl that everybody likes. I wish I were radiant. The kind of boy that everybody wants to be.” Everything about it is executed so perfectly. The lyrics are very poetic, Sav’s vocals are very sultry, Mike’s playing is very soulful and smooth.

The seven track EP comes to a close with “when i die.” A song that was inspired by Sav’s mom who said, “I don’t care if you bury me when I die…cremate me and scatter my ashes so I can travel the world forever. Just don’t throw me in the ocean because I can’t swim very well.” I found it to be a very peaceful track that brings comfort to the thought of our impending deaths. It’s another intimate song with acoustic guitar, but also with cello played by Spencer Shen and flute by Michelle Zarco. I think it was a fitting end to a very beautiful piece of music.


—-Cwamne Howard


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