Review: The FaceShop Bare Skin Nude Foundation

February 16, 2016 | 1486 Visits

A good foundation is always a must in a girl’s makeup bag. Bare Skin Nude Foundation (Bare Skin) is a great candidate for fulfilling that need. This foundation provides lightweight, even coverage that lasts barring sweat, extreme heat, and humidity (but what makeup really lasts under those conditions?).

Application, Look, and Feel

Bare Skin looks no different than other foundations consistency-wise. The pigmentation, however, does appear to be slightly more saturated than some other brands which helps with even coverage on the skin. What’s nice about Bare Skin is that it doesn’t settle into pores or fine lines, giving skin a smooth, polished finish.

As for wear, it feels velvety on skin without leaving behind an oily residue. The product spreads on skin well, so application methods shouldn’t be an issue. There are a few applications regarding application that are worth knowing:

Once applied, the makeup does hold up well throughout the day. On cooler days, its staying power is even stronger. Plus, it looks natural on skin. One likeable element is how the makeup seems to “know” or picks up skin tone so it blends to match well, enhancing the natural feel. It’s a solid go-to foundation for everyday use.


For people sensitive to smells, Bare Skin doesn’t have a strong scent. What scent it does have isn’t chemical-like, nor is it perfumey. When it dries, it does have more a talc and metallic scent to it, so if this is something you’re sensitive to, be warned.

bareskin - 2For individuals with sensitive skin, be aware that the foundation contains octinoxate and octisalate which may cause mild skin irritation if applied to broken skin. For those who are body-conscious, there are studies that suggest these two ingredients—which are common sunscreen ingredients—may cause hormonal and thyroid issues. If these ingredients are of any concern to you, it is recommended that you stay away from this foundation.

With the above in mind, Bare Skin is an SPF30 PA++ product, so it is designed to help protect from the sun’s harmful rays. For those who don’t know, SPF protects against the sun’s UVB rays; PA protects against UVA rays, so you are getting double protection with this product. However, PA++ is moderate protection, so be advised you may need to reapply the foundation periodically throughout the day in order to maintain protection. It is advised to wear additional sun protection if you plan on staying outdoors.

The product boasts about its “perfect seed technology” which is supposed to aid in smoothing and brightening while helping to improve skin tone. The seeds in question are quinoa and rubus chamaemorus (cloudberry). Both seeds have many benefits that would help skin like vitamin C and citric acid (rubus chamaemorus) and vitamin B compounds (quinoa), so it is possible the foundation could improve skin over time.

Not for Everyone

Since The FaceShop caters to the Korean audience, shades range from light to medium. There isn’t a shade for richer skin tones at this time.


Bare Skin is a nice makeup with lasting wearability and a smooth finish depending on application method. It has rich pigmentation, yet it looks like the wearer’s natural skin shines through more. While it has many upsides, not all skin tones can use this foundation. With all things considered, Bare Skin earns a 3.5/5.


—-Joelle Halon

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