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The Fort Worth, Texas Concert was extremely hyped for Odd Eye Circle! They performed some of their old songs by the “sub-unit of  ARTMS,” then their solo songs plus their newer songs, along with cover songs that each of them performed amazingly by the way. This is their second time to Texas, their first time was in Dallas, so this is their first time in Fort Worth. The girls’ fans; Loonatics were really excited to see them again, shouting their names and saying “I love you,” but also jamming out to their music and performance. Plus, it was cute to see a mixture of their “old” lightstick from Loona and their new lightstick. The girls even seemed like they were having fun and enjoying themselves on stage.

Alright, time to talk about the venue, Will Rogers Auditorium is a really cool place. I have never been there so it was cool to see what the inside looks like. It reminded me of an old opera house and that’s what made the venue great because wherever you were seated you could still see Odd Eye Circle clearly and get good pictures too. The workers were very sweet and nice, they even did a great job making sure everyone was comfortable while watching the girls perform and the security did a great job too on making sure that no one got really too close to the stage while the girls were performing. The whole vibe was great in my opinion, but anyway let’s talk about Cheorry, Kim Lip and Jinsoul’s amazing performance on stage.


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Kim Lip started it off by performing “Eclipse” which was really great and a bop. The fans were really enjoying it and her outfit was really cute. The outfit made me want to recreate it one day, and her singing voice was amazing. The second person to come on stage after her was Jinsoul, who performed “Singing in the Rain” which, not going to lie, is one of my favorite songs and it’s so cool to hear it live. She did an amazing job, the dancing was really good plus the tech team did a great job on the sequence of lights for that song. The last one to perform her solo song was Cheorry, she performed “Love Cherry Motion”. The Dance break for this song was amazing and again the lighting from when she was singing softly was light pink, but when she was about to switch over to the dance break the lighting changes to violet. It is interesting and neat to see the use of lighting to shift the tone. Also, I like how some part of the song sounded Egyptian too.

Now onto their Duet Performances, the first two girls were Jinsoul and Kim Lip. They performed “Love Letter”, their vocals were really amazing together and the fans were really enjoying it themselves, bopping the lightsticks back and forth. The second duet was Jinsoul and Cheorry, they performed “Puzzle.” This one had a really cute dance performance and their outfits were really nice as well, their fans were enjoying seeing the dance moves and cheering them on.


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The next thing to talk about is their fun videos in between breaks for the girls to switch outfits and take a little break. The first video was them playing charades, and they were great at playing charades like I would want one of them to be on my team. Some of the charade questions that they had to act out were tough, but they all did a great job at performing them and guessing them correctly without the crew’s help, well except for one, which was the ‘Howl’s Moving Castle’ one. Cheorry had to act it and it was difficult for her, but she told Kim Lip that it was her favorite movie and she guessed right away and got it right. It’s awesome to see a Studio Ghibli fan. The second video is them in the dance studio practicing their dances for their tour and it was cute to see the process of them practicing, how hard they practice while still having fun too. The final video was them telling their fans to scream loud as they can to get them to come back out for their encore, which the fans put their heart and soul into it.


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The next thing to talk about is their cover songs performance, which they all did wonderfully.  Jinsoul was the first to do her performance on ‘Kill Bill’ and she killed it. The rapping part she did was awesome and the background effects with the blood splatter was a good choice to go with. Kim Lip was second, her performance was ‘Water’. Her dance moves were awesome and her singing was great. The dance break she did was great along with the backup dancers doing an amazing performance as well. The last one to perform was Cheorry, she did ‘Don’t Start Now.’ It was easy for her to get the crowd singing along with her while they were swaying to the music and the awesome backup dancers were back again.


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Their Q&A was cute and funny because while they were chanting about their first time in Fort Worth to them thinking about wearing their cowgirl hats, they were surprised to see cows moving about. They even thanked their fans because their new album from last year was number one on the charts on iTunes, which is really awesome for them. But what makes it funny is that while they were talking about all these things their fans would erupt into shouts saying how much they loved them and how cute they are so they would be bashful and reply back saying thank you or love you too. It was a cute sight to see. Oh and Jinsoul also mentioned that it was hard for her to pick which cover song to do because she also wanted to sing “Call Me” but chose to perform “Kill Bill”. They also mentioned that they let the fans pick what songs they wanted them to perform throughout the tour, so that was cool to know that the fans were the ones who helped pick out the songs for the setlist.


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This is a side note, but all their outfit changes kept getting more cute and even more cute each time. Even their backup dancers kept getting more and more cute outfit changes as well.

Now to finish it off, their Encore songs were amazing and I loved what they did on their very, very last song for their fans. The first song was ‘My Secret Playlist’, it was a jumping up and down type of song, which had the crowd moving their lightsticks back and forth. The second song, ‘Girl Front,’ the dance break for this one was awesome! Love the rapping part and the beat drop was well done. The last song they performed to finally end the concert was ‘Hi High.’  This song had everyone singing the chorus and when the fans moved to give the girls their phones to take selfies and headbands for them to wear while they were performing this song. It was very cute and wholesome to see the three girls interacting with their fans that way because I don’t see that as often on the groups actually grabbing phones and taking pictures while they sing their last song. It was even neat to see that the girls returned the headbands after their song was over to the fans.


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I really enjoyed the concert and can’t wait for them to come back again. I know their fans can’t wait for them to come back to Texas again and perform their newest hit songs from their new album(s). It will be fun and awesome. I am happy that I got to see them perform on stage and I am happy that I got to write an article about them.

Also, a heads-up, ARTMS will be releasing a complete album in the first half of this year, so please be looking forward to it.


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Thank you ODD EYE CIRCLE for coming to Texas.


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