MV Review: Girls’ Generation “Party”

July 16, 2015 | 4495 Visits

Girls’ Generation signaled their return with the first of three singles July 7, 2015. Within six days, “Party” already amassed close to 12 million views. Behold the power of SNSD and SONEs!

It actually took a few listens to actually like “Party.” The issue with it is that, while it is a happy song, it’s generic lyrically and doesn’t exactly show Girls’ Generation’s best abilities. Sadly, “Party” is also a lazy song that takes advantage of SONEs since Girls’ Generation will have their full support no matter what. Sure, summer songs usually involve some mindless drivel such as partying, drinking, and just having fun, but artists and companies shouldn’t take advantage of fandoms by releasing subpar songs when everyone knows the artists are capable of more.

By this time, Girls’ Generation should have experienced more growth and shifted into a more mature group. With two more singles set to be released in July, this can still be the case. Fans have had an opportunity to see growth via some of SNSD’s ballads, but SM chooses to stick with cute, poppish songs that show their charms and cuteness more. SNSD needs a chance to grow (and maybe even a chance to compose their own music, which SM allegedly denies). Until then, we get greeted constantly by songs like “Party.”

This isn’t to say “Party” isn’t a bad song because it’s not. It could be a better song, but it’s not bad. The SNSD girls are cute and charming, and the song is a nice summer tune full of joy and upbeat fun. While the instrumentals sound like a mix of Katy Perry’s “California Gurls” with hints of Ke$ha’s “Tik Tok,” the song is one to listen to when having a down day because of its bubbly nature. “Party” is a feel-good song in the purest form.

Tiffany and Taeyeon sound especially pleasant in the song, and it’s always nice to hear them shine. Their vocals always have a strong, soothing quality to them, so there are no complaints in terms of vocals.

One element of the song that is a bit off-putting is the chorus where Girls’ Generation spells out “party.” The vocaloid-type voice takes away from the song’s dynamic because it’s a bit annoying.

However, where the song lacks, the MV makes up for it. “Party” is an amazing advertisement for some of the beauty of Thailand. The beautiful beaches and pristine water are breathtaking and magnificent and worth the price of admission. The beaches are how I expect heaven to look.

Girls’ Generation also have a great sense of style in “Party.” Their summery clothes, swim suits, and hairstyles are some of the best among the summer releases this year. The girls looked beautiful and approachable, so a lot of credit goes to their stylists.

Despite the beauty and style, “Party” just wasn’t a strong song for Girls’ Generation. It’s a given it will win music shows given the power of SONEs, but they’ve had better songs. Eventually, they’ll find their way out of the weak-end of the song pool and find stronger music, but right now, great cinematography and hair can’t save “Party” from being a lackluster song that’s okay but not great. “Party” earns a 2.5/5.

—-Joelle Halon

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