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September 10, 2014 | 2584 Visits

Misheard Adventures Part One

K-Pop brings a lot of joy, but sometimes the lyrics cause a pause to say “what?”  Misheard lyrics are common when listening to music since my ears don’t work.  Checking my Kiss This Guy profile provides a slice of what I mean.

But, I’m not the only one mishearing lyrics.  Who can forget Taemin’s “Soy un Dorito”, Super Junior’s “Sexy, Free, and Single” bridge, or Girls’ Generation’s “I got a boy on my chin.  I got a boy chicken”?  So, in honor of misheard lyrics, here are some of mine.   Feel free to share and add to the list!

Taeyang ft. G-Dragon “I Need a Girl”

Taeyang ft. G-Dragon I need a girl

Girls’ Generation “Flower Power” (Japanese) 

Girls Generation

Girls’ Generation “Run Devil Run”

Girls Generation Run Devil Run

Super Junior “Spy”

Super Junior Spy

TVXQ “Humanoids”

TVXQ Humanoids

4Ten “Tornado”

4Ten Tornado

SHINee “Why So Serious?”


T-ara “Bo Peep”

T-ara Bo Peep

EXO-K “Mama”

EXO-K Mama

Super Junior “Superman”

Super Junior Superman

B2st “Shadow”

B2st Shadow

M.I.B “Only Hard for Me”

M.I.B Only Hard for Me

Block B “Her”

Block B Her

– Joelle Halon

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  1. Oliwia says:

    Haha it’s funny ;D
    I’m shallow shallow 😀

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