How to make Fresh Vietnamese Spring Rolls!

Vietnamese food is my favorite food in the whole world! They are so famous for being fresh, healthy and delicious. Today I am going to show you how to make a super simple but awesome Vietnamese dish- Fresh Vietnamese Spring Rolls!


  • 200 grams of meat of your choice (pork belly or beef tenderloin).
  • 100 grams of prawn
  • 50 grams of fresh or dried noodle.
  • 1 big carrot, 1/3 pineapple and 1 cucumber, cut into very thin and small stripes.
  • Lettuces, fresh mints, cilantro: Wash and rinse, set aside.
  • 1 Avocado- remove the seed and skin, slice into small pieces.  (This is optional but avocado will help enhancing the flavor of your rolls so much. Plus it’s supposed to be really good for your heart and your health so why not add avocado into your recipe!! )
  • Fresh or dried rice paper

-Bean sprouts (optional)

  • Crushed peanuts

Serving: 2-4 people


– Meat:

  • Pork belly: Boil with water until the meat is no longer pink. You can use the meat thermometer to check. If the temperature reaches between 145° and 160° F, the meat is done cooking. Slice the meat into very thin slices, set aside.
  • Beef tenderloin: Slice the beef in to very thin slices. Marinate with some soy sauce, ginger and black pepper (please do not add any salt now as it will make the beef very chewy). Brown some garlic and stir the beef for about 3 minutes, set aside when it’s done.
  • Prawn: Remove the heads, boil about 2 cups of water, bring it to a boil, add the prawn with the shell on and cook until then turn to pink. Remove the shell and the vein from the prawn, set aside
  • Noodles: For the dried noodles, boil them in water for about 6-8 minutes until they are cooked through and soft.

Let’s roll!

– If you are using dried rice paper, pour some drinking water in to a big bowl, before you start rolling, dip the dry rice paper into the water for about 3 seconds to make it wet. If you are using fresh rice paper, please skip this step.


– Use your cutting board or a big flat plate to roll your spring rolls. Basically yo u just need to toss everything together then roll them up in the following order:

Here are the final results of the Fresh spring rolls: 

Making the sauce:

Apparently, people have different versions of the dipping sauce. My favorite one is peanut-hoisin dipping sauce. In a sauce pan, heat up one can of coconut water (it’s optional so don’t worry if you can’t find this). Add about 3 tablespoons of cr  eamy peanut butter, and about 6 tablespoons of hoisin sauce. Whisk until all the peanut butter melts. Let it simmer to your desired consistency – the sauce should have a consistency like gravy.. (Taste it & add more hoisin or peanut butter to suite your tastebuds). Cool before serving. Top with crushed peanuts and we are ready to roll! Enjoy!

—-Lucy Le

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