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K-pop boy group UP10TION made a return with their 10th mini-album ‘Novella’ and title track ‘Crazy About You.’

We thank the UP10TION members and their management Top Media for this interview about the latest release, as we wish them all the best in the new year of 2022!


How have you all been? Let us know how you feel about the comeback and the release of the 10th mini album ‘Novella.’

KUHN: We’ve been writing lyrics and prepping for the new album. This comeback is of a new concept that we’ve never tried before, so it’s more nerve-wracking. I really hope HONEY10 are pleased with this new album.

KOGYEOL: We’ve been busy rehearsing our choreography and shooting contents via YouTube. It’s a new concept for us, so we are anticipating this comeback a lot.

BIT-TO: We’re back with a song with a different vibe, so the feeling is also so new to us, I am grateful that we can showcase it on stage for HONEY10.

SUNYOUL: There’s always that craving to get on stage to perform, and time feels kind of meaningless when I don’t work, so this comeback is very exciting and happy for me.

GYUJIN: We are so happy and proud to be able to showcase a new performance to HONEY10 in a long while! It was sad that we aren’t able to perform to them in person due to the pandemic though…

HWANHEE: ‘Crazy About you’ the song itself is really my style of music, so I am pleased, but it also feels a bit awkward to be back with a song that’s heartbreaking. But I am very excited and happy to be back with HONEY10!

XIAO: As always, we really want to get on stage and show you guys our performance. It’s always so exciting and fun to get on stage. And I anticipate each day.



Tell us how the name ‘Novella’ became the title, and what does it mean or signify to each of you?

KUHN: Novella refers to a novel or long short story, and expresses the happy memories and the sadness of the present in a narration.

KOGYEOL: It was chosen because we felt that the title fit the concept of the album the best. I think it’s somewhat lyrical and stimulates sensitivity.

BIT-TO: I think it goes well with the vibe of the title track ‘Crazy About You.’ And I feel that it’s a new challenge for us.

SUNYOUL: We’re are back with new music through this album, so it’s a new narration for UP10TION I think.

GYUJIN: We thought about a title that could refer to a story of being in a relationship and breaking up, then got to choose [Novella]. Please pay close attention to how UP10TION tell the stories of lovers getting to know each other and the aftermath of the breakup.

HWANHEE: We named the album [Novella] to complement the vibe of the songs. I want this album to seem like a novel. To me, [Novella] means that ‘We wrote a great novel with this album.’

XIAO: This is our 10th album, and it’s another precious memory for me.


Please name a track that you are personally the most attached from this album.

KUHN: I love the title track ‘Crazy About You’ the most.

KOGYEOL: ‘Incredible’ for me, it’s a great song. 🙂

BIT-TO: I personally like ‘Crazy About You’ the best, it’s the style of music that I wanted to do.

SUNYOUL: I love all the songs on the album.

GYUJIN: SAD ENDING! It’s a song that featured a lot of my vocals, so I am so grateful and love the vibe of the song!

HWANHEE: My definite favorite would be ‘Crazy About You.’ Even the title got me hooked, and I really wanted to do this concept for our comeback.

XIAO: ‘FALL’ for me. It’s not just because I took part in making of the song, but since I am so into band music these days, I really wanted to do this for this UP10TION album. I like this because the members vocals go so well with the song and its concept. It’s also something that I listen to a lot these days, so I personally love its sound and genre.



Please describe ‘Novella’ into one expression. 

KUHN: Narration.

KOGYEOL: Breakup.

BIT-TO: UP10TION, missing and reminiscing the past.

SUNYOUL: Passionate ballads by UP10TION.

GYUJIN: Masterpiece.


XIAO: Precious memories.


Please share any episodes that happened during the process of recording this album.

GYUJIN: It wasn’t easy to set a concept of breakup, sorrow, and all that, because it wasn’t something we’ve done before. Nevertheless, the members all did an amazing job and we had to take turns to go the restroom.



Is there particular lyrics from any of the tracks that you relate to the most that you can share with us?

KUHN: The title track ‘Crazy About You’ has lyrics that say ‘Yeah, I was crazy about you.’ And it’s like letting go of one’s feelings but it’s sad at the same time, so I like that part a lot.

KOGYEOL: I remember the lyrics from ‘Crazy About You’ that say, ‘Yeah, I was crazy about you.’ I like how he admits to the fact he was.

BIT-TO: From ‘Crazy About You, the lyrics say ‘Everything about me starts from you.’

SUNYOUL: I love all the melody and lyrics from this album’s tracks, so it’s difficult for me to pick a verse. I remember them all so well.

GYUJIN: ‘SAD ENDING’ has lyrics that say ‘Please forget me now, and dance this last dance.’ The reason why I relate to this is because it expresses how he’s trying to forget about his lingering feelings.

HWANHEE: The last track on the album ‘SAD ENDING’ has great lyrics that ‘Already over, Sad ending’ that I remember so well. Good job, XIAO. 🤟

XIAO: ‘FALL’ has lyrics that go ‘I can’t cry in the midst of hazy memories that break in the starlight.’ The lyrics are very beautiful, and complement the song so well in my opinion.


How do you expect the listeners to feel when they hear this album?

KUHN: I hope they would be consoled by listening to [Novella] whenever they feel lonely or going through hard times.

KOGYEOL: I think they would like how UP10TION is trying out something different, and learn that there is this side to us they didn’t know about.

BIT-TO: I hope they think that UP10TION can also manage doing this type of music.

SUNYOUL: I want the fans to enjoy the new music from UP10TION.

GYUJIN: I wish they’d realize that there are a cool side to us, as well a different side to UP10TION.

HWANHEE: Since this is a new musical approach for us, we wanted to offer a new vibe. So, we hope HONEY10 would enjoy this album.

XIAO: I hope they would see each of our facial expressions, and be consoled through our music and new type of performances.



Please say a word of greeting to HONEY10 who have anticipated for the release of Novella.

KUHN: HONEY10! Have a blessed year in 2022, and thank you for showing your support and love always. 💛

KOGYEOL: HONEY10~ We’ll make you smile more in 2022. ^^

BIT-TO: HONEY10! Have a happy new year, and always stay happy.

SUNYOUL: Please stay with UP10TION in 2022!

GYUJIN: Thank you in advance. We will do our best to show you better performances!!! Thank you always!! 💛

HWANHEE: HONEY10! It’s 2022!! Stay healthy and don’t get sick. I hope you and all the precious people around you are also happy this year!! We’re always grateful and we love you. 🥰 For real.

XIAO: It’s already 2022, and time really goes by so fast. HONEY10~ It’s best to keep healthy and don’t skip your meals!!! Don’t get sick and thank you for waiting for our return. Please spend 2022 with us and let’s enjoy this year. Thank you, HONEY10.


How did you spend the end of the 2021? And let us know what you plan to do in the new year.  

KUHN: We spent the end of 2021, prepping for the Novella album and shooting various contents for YouTube. In 2022, we wish to meet HONEY10 from around the world.

KOGYEOL: We spent the last part of 2021 getting ready for our comeback, and for 2022, I personally want to start a new hobby for myself.

BIT-TO: We were all so busy preparing for the comeback at the end of the year, and I hope 2022 will be the year where we can make great memories with HONEY10.

SUNYOUL: We worked on the comeback with a new album at the end of last year, and instead of setting plans for 2022, I’d like to focus more on being dedicated to my work.

GYUJIN: We worked on our new album for HONEY10 at the end of 2021, and I hope all the UP10TION members take up new challenges in 2022.

HWANHEE: The members and myself spent the end of last year working on our comeback, and I wish to have hold a concert in 2022! I want to run around the stage~

XIAO: I have a fear for things that are new to me, so I really want to try out new things in the new year of 2022.


– J.Chung.


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