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Singer-songwriter Soseo freely expresses emotions that many people can relate to through music. In the past, while working as a model under the name of ‘SHUUU’, she prepared an album and released her debut song ‘Candy’ in May 2021, and has been steadily performing music activities. On December 29, 2022, a new single ‘EX’ was announced.


1. As soon as I listened to Ex, I felt so hurt. It’s been a long time since I felt like crying while listening to a song these days. Did you write and compose this song yourself? Have you ever cried while making or singing this song?

I am so happy and grateful to hear that you emotionally sympathized with the song <Ex>. I composed the lyrics and the top line of the melody, and producer KIME, who is always with me, worked on the arrangement of the tracks. This song is filled with a lot of emotional appeal, so I always felt like crying when I listened to it as well as when I recorded it. I didn’t actually cry out, but I do remember the tears welled up in my eyes.


2. The lyrics are so honest and straight, I like it. Do you tend to write lyrics based on your experiences?

I write a lot of honest and intuitive lyrics, maybe because I’m influenced by my own character. Autobiographical stories + Movies, animations, music, books, etc… I tend to build up inspiration from everything I see and hear.


3. You’re already best for me> has the vibe of old R&B songs, so it’s like a 90’s R&B mix that’s trending on YouTube these days. Did you purposely try this remix style? Do you enjoy remixing songs of these days with an old school vibe?

I didn’t actually plan it, but rather it’s because I grew up listening to 90s, 2000s R&B, K-pop, and pop songs since I was little, so they say that the songs I’ve made are somehow filled with the sensibility of those days. It’s amazing to hear that it’s trendy, as I just made something I like. I posted Jennie’s solo 80s remix cover on SoundCloud 5 years ago, and now when I listen to it, it’s a little embarrassing🥺


4. I heard that you were influenced by R&B in the 90s and 2000s. If you specify the golden age of music in your opinion, when would it be? How did you fall in love with the songs of this era?

I think people are most influenced by the music they listened to when they were little. The heyday of music in my personal standard is from the 90s to the early/mid-2000s, as I grew up listening to the music of that time when I was little!

Influenced by my mother and cousin brother, I was exposed to popular music since I was a baby, and I began to actively search for and listen to music from around the age of 7, and sang pop music from the age of 11. I remember singing Mariah Carey’s ‘My All’, Alicia Keys’ ‘If I Ain’t Got You’ and Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Because Of You’.’ Haha


5. Your voice and singing style is clear and soft. Do you often go to singing rooms?

Thank you! I don’t go to singing rooms these days. When I was in the 6th grade of elementary school, I went to singing rooms four times a week.


6. Tell us your favorite singers and songs both in Korea and abroad.

There are so many artists I love, so it’s hard to decide.
Korean Singer: IU, Naul
Song: ‘You, In The Same Time With Me’ by Naul
Abroad Singer: Ariana Grande
Song: ‘Just The Way You Are’ by Billy Joel


7. What genre do you hate the most?

I listen to so many different genres, and there is no particular genre I don’t like!


8. Have you had any part-time job while in school? If so, what was it?

Well, I did make and served pizza at a wood-fired pizza house, worked at a PC room, convenience store and cafe, worked as a salesperson at a department store salesperson, as a kitchen assistant at an izakaya… These immediately came to mind. I think Kitchen assistant was the best fit for me. You don’t have to talk, and it was fun to prepare ingredients and cook.


9. Which dance choreography have you recently learned?

I haven’t learned any choreography, but I’ve done a cover dance of New Jeans ‘ OMG’.


10. Is there anything as a child you wished you had that does or does not matter now?

When I was little, I wanted to have a big dollhouse. I still want it now. When I earn a lot of money later, I want to have a secret playroom filled with things I like, such as dolls, toys, and games. I will pass it on to my children.


11. What’s your favorite liquor and how much can you drink?

I am literally an ‘alcoholic trash’, which means someone of alcohol intolerance and is called ‘Als’ in Korea. I get completely drunk by only 4 small cups of soju. I’ve once been taken to 119 after drinking in the past.  I don’t drink alcohol at all.


12. Do you usually stay at home during your break time or do you like to go out and hang out with others?

I like staying at home. I like shopping, cooking at home, walking nearby, and going to cafes.


13. Where is your favorite travel destination, where do you most want to go?

I want to go to Bali. I want to jump in for a swim as soon as I wake up at an accommodation with the sea right in front of me.


14. What is your dating style?

I like a relationship where I feel comfortable and have a deep bond as that of a best friend or family. I tend to act cute and lovely when I’m with the person I love.



15. Falling in love and dating can be different. If you had to choose between dating and love?

You have to fall in love to be able to date someone. I tend to pursue a serious relationship, so dating is possible only when I can imagine a future together with that person!


16. Please say a word to your KCrush fans?

Hello KCRUSH readers, I am a singer-songwriter Soseo! It was so nice to be able to meet you all with this interview, and the questions were so intriguing that I could really enjoy the interview. I hope this will be an opportunity to get closer to you guys! Please look forward to the new albums that will be released in the future. I upload my activities frequently through my Instagram and YouTube channels, so please watch over them. Thank you. Happy New Year <3


We want to thank Soseo for her time and giving such an indepth interview. Much continued success.


—-Jiyoung Lee 



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