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She Her Her Hers is a rising indie powerhouse across Japan, China, and the world at large. Currently in their biggest Asian 2023-2024 tour for their “Diffusion of Responsibility” album, the three piece band has had a massive popularity uprising in the last 5 years since their debut in 2011.  The Chelsea hit-maker band has showcased its musical forte through its hypnotizing works, including through the “Location” and “Afterglow” albums. Known for their uniquely mesmerizing beats fused with harmonizing lyrics, She Her Her Hers band’s live performances have become a spectacle worth looking forward to.

KCrush America had an interview with She Her Her Hers to get to know them more.


What’s the story behind She Her Her Hers band?

The band was born as a special band for one night only at an all-night event hosted by Hiroyasu Takahashi, who had been the bassist until then. “If you don’t like it, you can decline it, but…” Hiroyasu sent me the demo soundtrack, which was excellent in terms of voice and melody, and I immediately replied that I wanted to play in the band. At the time, we were both bass players, so the question “So, what should I do?” came up at the same time.



Your first-ever international tour, for the “Location” album in 2019, was a success. How did it materialize, how was the experience, and how did it impact your career?

Immediately after the digital release of the “SPIRAL EP” in 2018, we were contacted by our staff in China at the time and we decided to go on tour. Our first tour in China was right after we released “location”, so it wasn’t as popular as it is now, but I think it was because of that tour we gradually spread and got to where we are now.

I’m grateful that people are empathizing with songs that I personally think are good, so I can continue to create freely.

Hiroyasu Takahashi



You are famous for the insane raw sounds of “human-driven” instruments, which are most alive during your live performances.  Would you say that this is part of your identity?

This is a very important part. The songs have a kind of madness that lies dormant in the tranquility of the soundtrack (it is scattered in the phrasing and lyrics). I feel like we are releasing it in our live performance and expanding the song. Balancing rationality and emotion is very important and difficult in recording and live performance. It’s fun because it is and always will be difficult.

I play with the feeling of:

Recording / It’s Your World

Live performance/ Welcome to Our World.

Can you somehow feel it? I hope you will all nod in agreement (laughs).

Music doesn’t belong to anyone, it’s the shared energy of the world.

Sorry, the story has gone off track quite a bit (laughs).

Taiki Matsuura


How would you describe your style of music?

I do the music creation, and the two members write the lyrics. When it comes to composition, I am careful to create songs that are simple and have beautiful melodies. In terms of arrangements, rather than creating a lot of variations on the album, I try not to create an imbalance in the overall temperature of the album.

Hiroyasu Takahashi


Your enchanting rhythm-infused lyrical pieces, including Spiral, Chelsea, and Law of Attraction, have got global fans hooked for life. What is your lyrical and beat creation process like?

The songs created by Hiroyasu Takahashi, who is at the core of the music production, absolutely have a melancholic and lyrical atmosphere and a good melody that can capture people’s hearts globally, even as demo recordings. It is the starting point from which the lyrics and beats are born. Lyrics are not only about conveying meaning through language but also about the sound that can be heard within the music.




“Diffusion of responsibility” is such a heavy wording.  What is the concept behind this “diffusion of responsibility” album?

The theme of the debate was chosen as the title.

The phenomenon of leaving the criteria for judgment to a group of people (other people) when taking action is an everyday occurrence in the world. What are the causes of these evils? Society, the system, the people who created it. Ah, this story is getting long, and I’m afraid readers might be tempted to leave for Instagram, so I’ll spare them…

For example, Japan has a low voting rate compared to other countries in the world, and it is said that many people are uninterested in politics (I think this is true). It’s not indifference, but I think that people have developed this kind of “habit” of “leaving it to others and it will work out”. Leaving the proactivity to those who are aware only is a dangerous path and won’t lead to growth.

I wanted to suggest the following:

To face society, we need to have a dialogue with other people living in this world. Before that, we need to have conversations. So, first, how about standing up from your chair and trying to talk? It doesn’t have to be a serious conversation, just try it when you’re relaxed.

This is not an obligation. But I wanted to make this suggestion.

I’m directing the album cover, and doesn’t it look like the last human, almost turned to stone, and stones surrounding it? I will continue to throw stones.

Taiki Matsuura


You are currently on your biggest ever Asian tour for the “Diffusion of Responsibility” album, happening in over 17 cities around China until early January 2024. How did it come to life? How is your experience so far?

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, although we continued to promote mainly online, we were unable to perform live. In each city, we received “We’ve been waiting for you!” and we received energy directly from many fans. I also feel that we are responding well to the fact that we are repeatedly updating and refining our music as we go around on tour with a large number of shows.




Chelsea is one of “Diffusion of Responsibility” album’s hit singles that has stood out from the rest for its fresh beat and grove vibes. What’s the story and message behind this hit single and is this a vibe that fans can expect in your future musical pieces?


In 2023, we performed at a music festival in Asia and had the experience of performing in front of tens of thousands of people. We enjoyed performing with fans in such situations, and I think the rhythms and songs that would stand out on a big stage were born naturally.

The lyrics were also born from the unique atmosphere we felt in China.



What’s next for She Her Her Hers after this “Diffusion of Responsibility” album tour ending early January?

We’re starting to talk to the team about the next production and moves, and the fact that there are a lot of people outside of Asia who are listening to our songs. We want to increase the foundation and opportunities to express ourselves in different countries. We believe in our music stance, so we don’t want to change it, but we want to continue to create works that resonate more strongly with people.

So, KCrush, please spread our “say hello” to the world (laughs). I’ll buy you a beer.

Taiki Matsuura



You have gained an immense following over the years, including outside Japan. What is the secret behind your dominating popularity?

I think one of the band’s great strengths is that we treat both the intro and the song as a melody. I think Hiroyasu (vocal) is a rare songwriter. There is a lot of such wonderful music overseas, and perhaps that feeling and values have begun to interact with the world. But the number one reason is that everyone who listens to us has a great ear! We love you !!! We just keep making the music we love, with love, so please listen to it a lot, make it your own and enjoy.

Taiki Matsuura


What do you enjoy doing in your free time and what’s your favorite local dish?

As I am from Gifu, I like dishes that use miso, such as miso stewed udon, hoba-miso and gohei-mochi.

Hiroyasu Takahashi


What would be your advice to upcoming artists who want to be as successful and impactful as you?

We can’t say that we’re successful and influential yet, but if there’s anything we can be proud of… It’s that we’ve trusted our senses and gone ahead, even when people said things like “That’s cool, but I don’t think it’ll sell” (laughs).

If the members can respect and listen to each other and have their own voice, they will be able to keep going no matter what people say.



What would you like to say to your fans across the globe?

We hope you continue to look forward to our songs, and come and see us when we have a live show at a place near you.

Hiroyasu Takahashi


Thank you for gracing us with this opportunity. We wish She Her Her Hers all the very best in your upcoming endeavors.

Photo Credit: Wendy Lam



—- Karen Mwenda



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Japanese translation:


【締め切り 12/26】

KCrush America https://www.kcrush.com/

She Her Her Hers インタビュー

She Her Her Hersは、日本、中国、そして世界を股にかける新進気鋭のインディーズバンドです。アルバム『Diffusion of Responsibility』を引っ提げ、2023年から2024年にかけて過去最大規模のアジアツアーを敢行しています。彼らは3人組のバンドで、2011年のデビュー以来、この5年間で人気が急上昇しています。彼らは『CHELSEA』を大ヒットさせ、アルバム『location』や『Afterglow』など、まるで催眠術をかけるような作品を通してその音楽的才能を披露してきました。独特で魅惑的なビートやハーモニーを奏でる歌詞で知られるShe Her Her Hersのライブパフォーマンスは壮大なショーとなっています。

She Her Her Hersをより深く知るために、KCrush Americaはインタビューを行いました。


1. She Her Her Hersバンド誕生のストーリーを教えてください。




2. 2019年にアルバム『location』を引っ提げた初の海外ツアーは成功を収めました。どのように実現し、どのような経験をしましたか?また、あなたのキャリアにどのような影響を与えましたか?

2018年に「SPIRAL EP」をデジタルリリースして直ぐ当時の中国のスタッフから連絡がありツアーを行う流れになりました。初の中国ツアーは「location」をリリースしてすぐだったので、今のように浸透していなかったのですが、そのツアーがあったからこそ少しずつ広がっていって今の状況になったのだと思っています。




3. She Her Her Hersは、ヒューマンドリブンな楽器演奏による狂気のようなものすら感じさせるライブサウンドで有名ですが、それはライブパフォーマンス中に最も際立っています。それが自分たちのアイデンティティの一部だと思いますか



音源 / あなたの世界です
ライブ / ようこそ我々の世界





4. She Her Her Hersの音楽のスタイルについて教えてください。




5. 『SPIRAL』、『CHELSEA』、『Law of Attraction』など、魅惑的なリズムが取り入れられた叙情的な作品は、世界中のファンを虜にしています。どのようなプロセスで歌詞やビートを作成していますか?




 6.「Diffusion of Responsibility」とはとても重い言葉です。 このアルバム『Diffusion of Responsibility』のコンセプトは何ですか?










7. 現在、アルバム『Diffusion of Responsibility』のために、2024年1月初旬まで中国の17都市以上で行われる過去最大のアジアツアーを行っている最中です。どのようにして今回のツアーを実現したのでしょうか?また、現在までのツアーを振り返ってどのように感じていますか?




8. アルバム『Diffusion of Responsibility』のヒットシングルの中でも楽曲『CHELSEA』は、そのフレッシュなビートとグルーヴ感で他の曲とは一線を画しています。この曲に込められたストーリーやメッセージは何でしょうか?また、この曲の雰囲気は、皆さんのファンが今後の楽曲に期待するものなのでしょうか?




9.『Diffusion of Responsibility』アルバムツアーが1月上旬に終了する予定ですが、She Her Her Hersの次の活動を教えてください。


なのでKCrushさん世界中に我々のsay helloを伝えといてください笑



10. She Her Her Hersは長年にわたり、日本国外も含めて絶大な支持を獲得してきました。圧倒的な人気の秘密は何ですか?






11. 自由時間には何をして楽しんでいますか?また、一番好きな郷土料理は何ですか?



12. She Her Her Hersのように成功し、影響力のあるアーティストになりたいと考えているこれからのアーティストに、アドバイスをお願いします。




13. 世界中のファンに一言お願いします。





このような機会をいただきましてありがとうございます。She Her Her Hersの今後のご活躍を心よりお祈り申し上げます。

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