KCRUSH Interview with K-POP Girl Group: HASHTAG

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The new K-pop girl group, HASHTAG has successfully made their long-awaited debut on October 11, 2017. They especially caught the public’s interest since Kan Mi-youn, a member of the veteran Korean girl group Baby V.O.X has been revealed to be the one who produced them.

HASHTAG consists of seven members, Hyunji, Sua, Dajeong, Seungmin, Subin, Sojij and Aeji who are all thoroughly trained and they are said to meet the standard of a top-notch girl group in terms of their ability to perform and engage with the audience.

Hashtag as a group will focus to showcase coordinated team work as they interpret the feelings and emotions of what young girls deal with in everyday life, through their vibrant music and performance. 

We would like to express a big thank you to the members of HASHTAG for this great interview with KCRUSH America Magazine.


Would you introduce yourselves to our readers?

Hyunji: Hello! This is Hyunji, HASHTAG’s oldest member but I have a young appearance. I am the vocalist! It’s nice meeting you all! Thank you!

Sua: Hello, everyone! This is Sua who gives out happiness to the group ~ I am responsible for being an innocent visual and I promise to give out my happy vibes to you all…!

Dajeong: Hi! My name is Dajeong and I am the leader of this team! My position in the HASHTAG is the choreographer and rapper. I hope you all like my girlish image.

Seungmin: Hello! I am the main vocalist of HASHTAG…it’s so very good to meet you all!

Subin: Hi!! This is Subin from HASHTAG! I am the sub-vocalist and dancer from this team! Thank you!

Sojin: Hello! I am the most talkative member of HASHTAG…I am the sub-rapper in the group. It’s very nice to see you all!

Aeji: How are you all? I am the youngest of the group, the lovable Aeji! I am the one who does the ”killing parts” and the beautiful dancing in the group! Please show us some love!!


Please explain how you became the members of HASHTAG.

Hyunji: I was one of the last members to be added to this group. I became a HASHTAG member after working many times as hard by training and sweating with the members. That is how the seven members of HASTAG, who all have different attractive characteristics was formed.

Sua: I was the last person to join HASHTAG! I was casted last, and was picked because my image matched with the group well. After spending a long time as a trainee, we have now made our debut as HASHTAG! We’ll be showing what we can do, so please watch out for us!

Dajeong: I’ve been a trainee for the longest at this company, since it was first founded. As I was working hard and training; talented and skilled friends began to join the scene. We were able to debut after many hours training and spending time together.

Seungmin: I was introduced to take an audition at this company, by a teacher I admire very much. I passed the audition and after training with other trainee friends and developing myself; I was given the chance to join HASHTAG as the main vocalist. It’s still unbelievable to me and I am so looking forward to what’s ahead of us!

Subin: I was attending a music academy in Ulsan and a teacher asked me if I wanted to take an audition. I became a trainee after Dajung and Aeji had joined. I still remember clearly how I came to live in Seoul at the age of 19, and I am so thankful that I’ve now fulfilled a dream by becoming a HASHTAG member.

Sojin: I’ve been a trainee for the shortest period in this band. I became a HASHTAG member after I was asked to join while I was performing at an academy in Busan.

I was still underage when I came to live in Seoul, without any of family or friends here. I am very proud of myself for having endured it all so well.

Aeji: I’ve been a trainee as long as Dajeong! I remember when I came to Seoul from Daegu and lived in a spare room of my relatives! I trained so hard with one will in mind and now the seven-member group, HASHTAG is formed!


What is the first thing you do when you get up?

Hyunji: I begin each day with a prayer! ^^

Sua: I weigh myself on an empty stomach and have a glass of water in order to start the day afresh!

Dajeong: I drink lukewarm water and do morning stretching.

Seungmin: I drink a glass of water and weigh myself.

Subin: I use the blender to make some fruit juice to drink and do morning yoga. ^^!

Sujin: I wake myself up from the state of sleepiness by taking a shower then get ready to go out!

Aeji: I look into the mirror and tell myself, “I can do it” three times before I start the day!!


Do you have any hobbies or special skills?

Hyunji: I love listening to music and also love to sing. I always have the music on, if I don’t…then I feel empty and extremely bored. I have speakers set in my room.

As soon as I get home, I connect the speakers and play music. Because my position in the group is a vocalist, I want to enhance my singing ability and since I want to showcase my skills more, I tend to focus on listening to a lot of music.

I love searching for rare songs and make my own playlists. There are so many gems when you look hard enough. I get this tingly feeling of satisfaction when I add great tunes to my playlist.

I love fashion as well, so I enjoy shopping so much! I search for photos online and if I like anything I capture clothes, fashion gadgets or anything I like. And I make sure I purchase the ones I really like, so my style of dressing has become very diverse.

Sua: I’m really into cute things like rabbit characters and cute ornaments in pink.

My current bedroom wall is pink and I have a lot of stuffed toys on the bed of our dormitory. I also like cosmetics a lot, so I enjoy collecting blushers and lip products.

And I really enjoy eating as well. Ha ha.

Dajeong: I think my special skills lie in Hip Hop and urban dancing! I love to dance a lot so I am very good at copying or memorizing a dance routine.

I am also very interested in clothes and fashion, so I like to surf for fashion photos and dance videos on the internet.

Seungmin: My skills are in singing. I’ve been extremely absorbed in singing since I was young, and it was my dream to preform my song on stage. So naturally, music has become a part of my life!

I listen to diverse genre of music, and I wish to write songs with the members in the future.

Subin: Ever since I was young, I’ve loved to sing and dance. My skills are all related to singing and dancing. It may seem boring to say it, but it’s the truth.

I also love to sit at home all day and watch dramas or movies for my own healing.

I spend time shopping for fashion or beauty products and usually the time flies when I go to shop.

Sojin: My hobby is collecting cute things like Kidult toys. I tend to buy them if they are pink, and I’m very obsessed with collecting limited editions of mini figures and such.

I’m very interested in decorating my room since I consider visuals very important.

After I work hard on a decoration, I become really proud of my work and people around me all give me a word of praise when they see it.

I love cosmetics as well so I shop around for them often. I can guess what kind of products my friends have got on and I recommend them what to use as well. The make-up artists already call me a “Cosmetic fanatic”.  Ha ha.

I like to take time to read and watch movies…I am also learning a language. I’m currently focused on learning Japanese, so I look forward to revealing my skillful Japanese soon!

Aeji: I think I’m skilled at dancing. I majored in dancing since I was young and would hear frequently that my bodyline looks great while I’m dancing.

I enjoy myself when I’m dancing and my skills have improved vastly, which I am very proud to say.

I am also very interested in all different kinds of things including, perfumes, clothes, beauty and etc. I like to watch Mukbang videos when I get the time…I am very interested in acting as well, I also like to practice and research by monitoring.


What is your favorite HASHTAG song that you’re the most attached to?

Hyunji: I am the most attached to the song, “When It Rains” on our album.

The lyrics and the melody take us back to the days we spent training hard as trainees. The song kind of makes us not lose our initial determination.

Our members have already promised that we would sing this as the final song when we hold a concert.

Sua: Since this album is our first, I’m attached to all the songs. But if I had to choose one track, I’d choose, “Like That” because the quote that goes, “The things like that which have traces of love…” left a really impactful impression on me and the sentence I think is pretty. I think the song shows the style and the direction HASHTAG will be pursuing in the future very well.

Dajeong: I am very attached to “Like That” from our album. I managed to write the lyrics to the rap parts on this album; this song has the longest rap and I find the beat really my style. I spent four hours in a café writing those lyrics so I am especially attached to it!

Seungmin: I like “When It Rains” from the album the most!! It was the first track we recorded and it reminds me of the trainee friends I used to with be and the times we spent together, as well as the memories I made with the current members. This is the only ballad song on the album, so I feel a special attachment to it. Ha ha.

Subin: I love all the songs on our album but if I had to pick one song, it would have to be “Like That” because there is something about the song that puts you in a great mood!! Everyone, please listen to it!

Sojin: I will definitely choose “Like That” because the genre is really what I like and I got to do the intro part that I wanted in the song. We really loved the recording process of the song, and it was the last one to get complete so I feel a strong attachment to it.

Aeji: Uhm…I think all the members are in unison that our fav song from the album is “Like That” for sure. It has such pretty lyrics and the song describes a normal everyday relationship that our members aren’t currently able to have!! I feel content when I hear the song. Yay!


Do you have any colors you like or dislike?

Hyunji: They say that every color under the sun is different. I don’t have any colors I dislike and I like all colors.

Sua: I have a nickname which is “Pink Princess” because I love pink so much!!

Dajeong: I love all colors. There aren’t any I don’t like.

Seungmin: I like purple, black, yellow, pink and blue! I don’t have colors I dislike.

Subin: I don’t have a color preference but I like all types of pink.

Sojin: Pink is always my favorite! I love it!!!

Aeji: Uhm…I don’t think I have any colors I dislike or like in particular.


What is your favorite food or beverage?

Hyunji: I like jelly, chocolates, Pepero and any kind of food! ^^ For beverages, I like smoothies.

Sua: It’s hard to pick one type of food. I really like eating meat and Mozzarella cheese!! And Korean food!! I love jelly, chocolates, ice Americano and fresh yoghurt smoothies…

Dajeong: I like Korean food the best! And my fav beverage is definitely ice Americano!

Seungmin: I love sushi, tteokbbokki, jelly and chocolates! Also, ice Americano for drinks.

Subin: I really eat all kinds of food extremely well! I love desserts, so cakes, chocolates, macaroons, ice cream, smoothies and every type of desserts! I love to drink fresh beverages like strawberry smoothies!

Sojin: I used to visit various different coffee shops because I love desserts, most of all, macaroons and tarts! I like to drink customized latte or cappuccino to suit my taste.

Aeji: Food! I like chicken, spicy tteokbbokki, chicken feet and everything else!!! My favorite drink depends on the situation but most of the time, I like Americano the most!!


Tell us about any movies, books musicals you’ve seen recently.

Hyunji: The High School Musical the movie series! I keep the DVDs inside my notebook and watch them whenever I get the chance!! The movie showcases perfect songs, choreography, script and etc. I love watching movies for High School teenagers and that movie expresses the sentiment and the youthfulness of teens very well!

Sua: I recently watched a movie called, “Collateral Beauty” that left a great impression on me. The storyline is about people who have been through tough times and healing from their pain. I hope you all get to watch it. Ha ha.

Dajeong: I was able to watch the movie, “Titanic” just recently. I was watching it, it made me think what a classic movie it is and the audience feel the same back when it was released and nowadays as well. I recommend anyone who hasn’t seen it, to watch it.

Seungmin: I recommend movies, “High School Musical” and “Nanny McPhee.”

I watched “High School Musical” when I was younger and absorbed in the world of Disney; I used to think I wanted to sing and act like the characters.

“Nanny McPhee” is another movie that I enjoyed watching so much that I didn’t know the time was passing by.

Subin: I recently watched a Korean movie called, “Midnight Runners” which I

watched with great interest. I would like to recommend you to watch the “Twilight

Series.” I’ve seen the four movies multiple times and I’ve become a fan of Robert

Pattinson and Kristen Stewart so I searched to watch other movies featuring them.

Sojin: I can’t choose just one movie, so I have a few movies of diverse genres I want

to mention. I love the “Mean Girls” the most, out of all the movies for teens.

I remember thinking that the actress, Rachel McAdams was so pretty in that movie,

so for a while I collected her photos.

I tend to enjoy watching depressing movies and “All About Lily Chou Chou” stays in

my memory the most.

If you want something like a musical with a storyline, I recommend that you to

watch “The Great Gatsby.” It even has perfect original soundtracks.

“The Hunger games” is also great and I also read the whole series of the novels.

I love the main character, Katniss and wish there would be more strong-willed

female characters like her in any kind of productions.

Aeji: I got to watch the Twilight series recently and I regret the fact I hadn’t watched

them before.


What is your favorite song?

Hyunji: Since it’s coming onto winter, I frequently listen to “I’m Still” by Eden (Feat. Kwon Jina) and “When Night Falls” by Eddy Kim!

Even though the weather is now chilly, those songs make me warm when I listen to them! Really recommend them for you to listen!

Sua: I recommend you to listen to Sweden Laundry’s “Voice” (Feat. Junggigo), Brother Su’s “Arm Pillow” and Standing Egg’s “Little Star.”

Dajeong: I think I listen to “SAAY” by CIRCLE (Feat. Tish Hyman) about five times a day.

Seungmin: The song I’m listening to often is “Kim Na-young’s “We Could Only Have Broken Up” – this song has these lyrics that make me emotional!

Baek Ye-rin’s “Zero” is another great song that makes you happy and hopeful when you listen to it after a long hard day. You must all take the time to listen to these songs!

Subin: I love “I Would” by Bobby sunbaemin! I can’t get bored with the song even when I listen to it over and over again. The melody is so great and the lyrics really capture the female heart, plus his voice sounds so good!!

Sojin: There are countless songs I love, but I recommend Glen Check’s “60’s Cardin” and I also love Lucia sunbaenim’s “The Moon and Six pence.”

Aeji: “Just One Day” by NU’EST! The lyrics are very touching and so great!!


Have you experienced any interesting or awkward situations when you were broadcasting?

Hyunji: During a rehearsal for a music show, there was a part in the choreography where we had to hold hands and my ring got stuck in Dajeong’s outfit!

We tried to take it out but it wouldn’t come off and I had to move to the front since it was my part next. After a struggle, we could detach from each other.

But the camera had caught it all! It was a relief that it was only the rehearsal.

And when we first made our debut, I remember the audience telling us we are pretty and wished us well, which kept us really energized and encouraged. We really enjoyed the experience and we’re going to try harder and enhance in order to meet people’s expectations.

Sua: When we first did rehearsals for our first ever music show, because we didn’t know which way to get off the stage after the performance and just came off the same route we came in from. I remember the staff was surprised and he told us to get off the stage from the other side.

I recall everything was new and strange for me, the first time.

I remember when our fans first made a chant for us, when we didn’t have one…so when they did the chant when we were performing, we really got so emotional. Thank you all very much!!

Dajeong: Since we’ve only recently hit our debut, there are many incidences during rehearsals. We didn’t know whether to get off the stage right after performing, which way we had to go when we had to exit, what “run through” means and etc…

We’re still at the stage of gradually learning one by one.

Seungmin: I recall being very confused because I had to monitor the song but I couldn’t hear from my inner ear and it kept going on and off…there has also been times when we were confused about what to do after we finished our performance on stage. I am now used to it all and performing on stage is just awesome!

Subin: I recall an awkward situation when a ring got stuck on an outfit on a music show. The show was live and because my hands were tied down, I couldn’t do my choreography for that moment…I got the ring off as fast as I could and luckily, when I checked the aired broadcast, it didn’t seem like anything was wrong.

I just enjoy myself so much on stage and get excited even when I am not doing anything! I think I’m the happiest when I am singing and dancing on stage and communicating with fans. >-<

Sojin: I enjoyed every moment we’ve performed so far and haven’t yet experienced any difficult incidence. We had to perform outside one time and we had the biggest crowd we ever had. My hometown is Busan so performing in front of the audience was very memorable and fun.

Aeji: Because we’ve only just debuted, I didn’t know how to adjust the volume on the inner ear and mic, so I made many blunders while broadcasting and had to be assisted a lot. I am now quite capable of handling stuff like that myself.


Where would you most want to perform?

Hyunji: We would love to perform anywhere!!! We’ll travel to perform wherever we are asked to.

Sua: I would really like to go anywhere abroad where people want HASHTAG to perform. I think we’d be so pleased just to be asked to perform. We would also love to do a tour around Korea and visit each members’ hometowns to perform!

Dajeong: I really would love to do a performance in Japan! I went there last year for a trip and would love to revisit. If we were to do a performance there, that would really mean a lot!

Seungmin: We would very much love to go wherever we are asked to perform.

In the future, we want to do a HASHTAG world tour and would love to spend great times in every country we visit. Performing in front of our dear fans would be so thrilling!!

Subin: Anywhere would be wonderful!!! If possible, we would love to communicate with our fans by doing a tour all over Korea!! Just thinking of it really excites me and we’d love to see that day come soon!!

Sojin: I would also love to do a tour! I want to introduce myself while we’re out travelling abroad…Ha ha. If we get to do a performance in Japan, I can manage to speak in fluent Japanese anytime!

Aeji: We would love to have a tour oversees, if it’s possible.
There are many countries we would love to visit and there are lots of activities we’d like to do while we tour!!


What can we expect from HASHTAG in the coming future?

Hyunji: HASHTAG’s debut album is finally released as we hit our debut!

We are rookies but hope that we as a group will be known to more people. There are so many goals we want to achieve, we want to be in the top 100 chart, hold a fan meeting to get more intimate and close to our fans!!!

We’ve got so much to show you and will be showing our charm bit by bit!!! This is getting long so I’d better make this short.

HASHTAG will be coming back with great music, will be enhancing ourselves, not lose the attitude we’ve had from the start, we will be always humble and thankful.

Please stick around with us and please show love and support! Love you!

Sua: HASHTAG is finally released to the world…we have so much to show you all and because there are seven of us, please stay around and show us your love and support! ♥♥ We’ll always stay the same and work hard to bring you awesome unique music that only HASHTAG can offer.

I also wish that there’ll be more chance for us to communicate more with our fans. Please stay with us! ♥♥♥

Dajeong: I really wish that HASHTAG will be known to many people out there and we have so much we haven’t been able to show yet, so please keep your interest in us! Really love you all!

Seungmin: We’ve just recently made our debut, so we want to let the public know more about us and make diverse music for them.

We want to showcase our unknown sides the world hasn’t yet seen and would also love to hold a fan meeting soon! Please keep an eye out for us, HASHTAG and thank you!

Subin: HASHTAG has only just made debut, so we still have so much to show!!!

We’ll come back with music that will connect with the public and we want people to be elevated when they listen to our music!! I’m getting quite excited just by thinking about it, please show us a lot of love and interest because we’re going to be working ever so hard on our activities!! Thank you and I love you all!

Sojin: This is the beginning for HASHTAG! We will enhance and prepare for better performances stage, so please join in and share happy memories with us.

I will show you a brighter side of myself in the future!

Aeji: I want to make HASHTAG more know to the public as we will work to become more developed and mature as a group! Please watch out for us and send us your love!! Thank you!


—J. Chung.

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