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Chart-topping K-pop girl group DREAMCATCHER is set to embark on their European tour through “Dreamcatcher 2024 World Tour [Luck Inside 7 Doors] in EUROPE.” The seven-member girl group, managed by DREAMCATCHER COMPANY, will showcase their talent in five European cities, including Barcelona, Warsaw, London, Offenbach, and Paris. The tour kicks off in Barcelona on February 17, 2024, and concludes in Paris on February 25, 2024.

DREAMCATCHER is a seven-member girl group under the label DREAMCATCHER COMPANY consisting of members JI U, SU A, SIYEON, HANDONG, YOOHYEON, DAMI, and GAHYEON. They have proven their limitless talent by showing off their unique charm through their strong, dynamic tracks with powerful vocals to beautiful, soft ballads. DREAMCATCHER has captured the hearts of music fans both domestically and internationally.

DREAMCATCHER recently made a comeback with their ninth mini-album, ‘VillainS,’ marking the successful initiation of an alternate universe-themed series. This album signifies the commencement of the new series called “VersuS,” narrating the tale of a villain. The storyline unfolds around the pursuit of a crown with the ability to allure people, where the villain occasionally opts for harm and manipulation to advance their motives. The title track, “OOTD,” is an acronym for “Outfit Of The Day,” portraying a narcissism that extends beyond mere confidence. DREAMCATCHER has solidified the group’s identity by embracing the role of a villain in “OOTD.” The instrumental sound and vocal effects, frequently utilized in punk rock, convey an unconventional and destructively confident vibe, leaving listeners impressed with DREAMCATCHER’s diverse musical palette.

Additionally, the album includes “Intro: This My Fashion,” “Rising” infused with strong opinions, “Shatter” featuring lyrics that yearn for freedom, and “We Are Young,” conveying a message of hope, all contributing to solidifying DREAMCATCHER’s distinct musical identity. Particularly during this comeback promotion, dance previews were uploaded, heightening fans’ anticipation for the upcoming stage performances. DREAMCATCHER has consistently presented fans with a unique universe and concept in each album, leading to a successful career that is reflected in their latest achievement of topping the U.S. iTunes Worldwide Albums chart with the new release.

In 2023, DREAMCATCHER engaged in a variety of activities to connect with their fans both in Korea and internationally, marking another significant turning point by concluding the Apocalypse trilogy series and introducing a new universe. The group has consistently experienced an upward trajectory, securing numerous awards on music broadcast programs and even topping the U.S. iTunes chart. As a highly anticipated presence in the K-pop scene, they were honored with the ‘Best Choice’ award at the 2023 Asia Artist Awards in the Philippines. The ‘Best Choice’ Award is bestowed upon an unparalleled artist that AAA recognizes. This accolade reaffirmed DREAMCATCHER’s unrivaled position in K-pop and underscored their global influence.

DREAMCATCHER is set to reunite with their European fans approximately a year after the conclusion of their 2022 DREAMCATCHER World Tour: [Apocalypse: Follow us]. The Paris show, a part of this tour, witnessed a complete sell-out, serving as a testament to their immense global popularity. Taking the stage for a dynamic two-hour performance, the group showcased a diverse setlist of songs, delivering an electrifying experience. The local response was nothing short of explosive, with fans energetically singing along in Korean and cheering fervently, creating an atmosphere that filled the entire venue.

The highly awaited Dreamcatcher 2024 World Tour [Luck Inside 7 Doors] in EUROPE is poised to create lasting memories for both DREAMCATCHER and their devoted “InSomnia.” With this tour, DREAMCATCHER is advancing in their quest to establish themselves as a “Live Performance Blockbuster.” Since the tour announcement on December 27, numerous InSomnia have been eagerly paying even closer attention to DREAMCATCHER. With every show, DREAMCATCHER is crafting a new chapter in their history, and as news of the upcoming tour circulates, fans’ expectations are intensifying.


Dreamcatcher 2024 World Tour [Luck Inside 7 Doors] in EUROPE – Ticket Sales Dates



Information regarding ticketing for the shows can be found on: mmt.fans/bwaB

Dreamcatcher 2024 World Tour [Luck Inside 7 Doors] in EUROPE



Established in 2008, DREAMCATCHER COMPANY is a South Korean record label and entertainment

agency founded by the prominent production duo E-tribe. Since the debut of its first artist Nassun, the company has grown in size over the years, producing artists and idol groups under its name. The company also launched subsidiary labels HF Music Company, Dreamcatcher Company, and D1CE Entertainment, which is garnering much attention and recognition from the public as the rising creator

of future K-pop artists.


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