Joelle’s Top 50 K-Pop Songs for 2014: 50-41

December 24, 2014 | 1668 Visits

So long, farewell!

We’re now saying goodnight to 2014, and what a year it’s been! 2014 brought us a lot of thrills and chills in the music industry. Despite the highs and lows, the music never stopped. The year brought us some amazing albums like Taeyang’s Rise, Roy Kim’s Home, Good Luck from B2st, and 2NE1’s Crush, and with these albums, we had some memorable songs.

Ranking the 50 best songs from 2014 is a tough task because there were so many good ones this year. Rookies came out strong while some veterans faltered a little although they provided some strong contenders. So where did this year’s songs fall on the top 50 scale? Let’s find out!

Here are numbers 50-41!

50. IU “My Old Story”

Part of IU’s appeal is her ability to tell a story through her music. She’s an old soul who can appeal to many, proving that in “My Old Story.” The imagery, instrumentals, and vocals bring feelings of old Hollywood glamour, while the heartbreaking lyrics resonate to those who lost love. IU’s grace through music leaves a nice impact especially here.

49. BIGFLO “Delilah”

BIGFLO’s debut was one of the better male group debuts in 2014. “Delilah” is a massive earworm track, and the members have the swag to pull it off. Their debut album is equally impressive! BIGFLO’s unfortunate downfall right now is how similar they sound to Block B. However, as time goes by and they settle into an identity, they can become a group worth talking about more.

48. Girls’ Generation “Mr. Mr.”

SNSD are still relevant and a top-tier female group, though it seems they are losing steam and falling into a trap with songs that sound too similar year-to-year. “Mr. Mr.” has a fun video to analyze and decent lyrics, and it is also great to see the ladies mature, but it’s not a breakout hit like previous Girls’ Generation songs. Of course, fan support will remain strong so they will continue to dominate the music shows for that reason, but “Mr. Mr.” was good but not great.

47. f(x) “Red Light”

“Red Light,” like other f(x) songs, is simplistic lyrically allowing the dance track to carry the song. Like SNSD this year, f(x) find themselves falling into the cookie-cutter-song-type trap with a bangin’ beat and some repetition. However, the simplistic lyrics have a message as they pin f(x) against haters and those who want to stop them from creating their own sound and identity; the MV is filled with images supporting the idea also. The imagery and content are what put the song on the list, but overall, it’s a typical f(x) dance track.

46. Super Junior “Mamacita”

This SuJu comeback is, by far, one of their most fun. Siwon’s creeper ‘stache, Heechul’s bartender act, Shindong as the heel… what’s not to love? The drama version of the MV show that Super Junior are more than just dancing-machine-idols locked in an oddly lit room. The chorus will—and does—get stuck in a listener’s head, but in this case, it’s okay. The fun element makes “Mamacita” a winner.

45. Megan Lee “8dayz”

Megan Lee is adorable and charming in “8Dayz,” her official K-Pop debut song. The song’s bubbly beat and lyrics bring about feelings of summer and happiness. Lee simultaneously released Korean and English versions to reach out to her supporters internationally; the Korean version (shown) has B2st’s Junhyung rapping to fulfill the typical K-Pop song formula of singing-rapping-singing. “8dayz” provided a glimpse of Lee’s talents; sadly, she, like many others in the industry in 2014, is locked in a lawsuit with her company. We hope to hear from her again soon!

44. History “Psycho”

The beauty of “Psycho” is how it incorporates some 1970s’ sound with some cult-classic musical charm. The distortion at the end of the chorus is enough to draw a listener in since it’s part of the song’s fun. The lyrics, at times, feel weak, but they don’t impact the overall vibe of the song.

43. Fiestar “One More”

“One More” hosts a great dance track and addictive chorus that solidifies Fiestar as one of the groups to keep an eye on in the future. Sadly, this song faded into obscurity since it wasn’t allowed to be performed on music shows due to the song’s controversial subject involving sex and a hinted at threesome. Despite its supposed controversy, “One More” is one of Fiestar’s best comebacks to date.

42. U-Kiss “Don’t Flirt”

Like Fiestar’s “One More,” “Don’t Flirt” is rich in sexual tension. U-Kiss’s more mature concept did raise a few eyebrows as members even apologized for the overt sexual overtones. However, the harmonies and chorus are strong and impressive and show U-Kiss members are more than dance tracks like in “Neverland,” “Believe,” and “Dora Dora.”

41. Rosemary “That’s What They Say”

It’s astounding how these amazing ladies sneaked into the industry under the radar because they deserve to be recognized. Rich vocals dominate “That’s What They Say” and help soothe the soul. Their Indie vibe remains intact as they head into the mainstream which helps them stand out as a superior group with true, raw talent. Their self-titled mini album boasts a nice range of styles including Jazz and pop.


Of course, this list is just the opinion of one person. Where do your favorites fall? What’s yet to come? Stay tuned tomorrow for 40-31!


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