Celebrity couples: How it’s viewed

July 15, 2014 | 1595 Visits

Celebrity couples: How it’s viewed

– Juyeon Oh

The number of celebrity couples has been increasing a lot lately, and there has been mixed reviews coming from the fans. Some turned out to be very negative and some were positive. Since celebrities are always exposed to cameras, it may or may not bring problems into the relationship. Once people find out about the couple, it can go 2 ways. The fans will either wish them a happy relationship, or they will demand for a break up. When negative comments get out of control, the couple usually ends up breaking up, which happens quite often to idol group members, because they have a lot of younger fans. It really depends on the situation though. When the other person has a lot of anti-fans, the fans will want them to break up, so that it doesn’t ruin the other person’s image. The younger the fans are the more drama there seems to be. Problems and constant fan outbursts are not always the case though. There are many couples that are supported by the fans and are doing just fine.

Let me just introduce a few couples:


Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung

Lee Byung Hun is one of the famous actors in South Korea and is also known in Hollywood for movies he has filmed. Lee Min Jung is also a popular actress in South Korea. These two first met back in 2006 and quickly fell in love. They broke up, because they were so busy with their schedule, but in the year 2011, they met again and got married in 2013.


Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young

These two are both famous in South Korea. They met while filming a movie “Save the Last Dane for Me” back in 2004 and announced to the public about their relationship in 2007. They got married in 2013 and are one of the most influential celebrity couples in Korea.


Ki Sung Yong and Han Hye Jin

Famous soccer player Ki Sung Yong and actress Han Hye Jin got married in 2013 after several months of dating.


Oh Jong-Hyuk and Park So-Yeon

There has been a rumor that these two were dating a couple of years ago, but was not confirmed back then. Photos of them meeting at a coffee shop was later released in 2013 and it turns out they have been dating for 3 years.


Jung Ji-Hoon (Rain) and Kim Tae-Hee

Jung Ji Hoon, aka Rain is a singer, dancer, actor, screenwriter, model, producer, and a designer. He is the owner of a music record label called J. Tune Entertainment that is located in South Korea. Kim Tae Hee is a popular actress who is also known for her beautiful looks. The news states that they have been secretly dating and Rain confirmed their relationship to the public a year later.


Sun Ye and James Park

Wonder Girls leader Sun Ye got married to a Korean-Canadian missionary James Park. She was the first idol to get married while still maintaining her career. They had their first baby last October. It’s not official that Sun Ye left the Wonder Girls, but as for now it’s unclear if the group will release another album.


Lee Seung Gi and Yoona

When Lee Seung Gi returned from his concert in Japan, he picked up Yoona from her apartment and they enjoyed an hour-long date. Few years ago he mentioned Yoona was his ideal type at a show called ‘Strong Heart’ that he hosted. They’ve been together for several months now and is the hottest couple in Korea

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