10 K-Pop Songs I Loved in 2023

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Well so long and farewell 2023 and on to 2024. Time for some of you to begin your New Year resolutions. As for me, it is time to reflect on some k-pop songs I loved in 2023. With that said, don’t let me have all the fun, you can let your voice be heard by voting in KCrush’s annual music awards. Some of the categories include: best crossover song (any song done in English), best male solo, best new female artist, best collaboration, best dance performance, best hip-hop / rap / R&B / electronic, best group, best album and best rock group / soloist or band. You can submit your picks on the homepage up until January 13th. The results will be out in the third week of January.


Cupid by Fifty Fifty

1. “Cupid” by Fifty Fifty

Kicking off the list is “Cupid” from Fifty Fifty’s debut album “The Beginning: Fifty Fifty.” The song is about keeping an open heart to romance after being burned the second time. The first thing that hooks me is the bass, it’s so steady and fun. The vocals are so soft and smooth, the rap verse sounds very Doja Cat like. The sound of it reminds me of an Ariana Grande song, but just a little bit more sweet.


Grabby Girl by Ryu Su-jeong


2. “Grabby Girl” by Ryu Su-jeong

Last year Ryu Su-jeong made my top 10 with “Pink Moon” and she’s doing it again with “Grabby Girl,” from her first album “Archive of Emotions.” The lyrics are about a girl starved for affection and isn’t afraid to grab it. Ryu’s voice is so sultry, with some confidence and soul. The beat is so laid-back, it has a little bit of a 90’s R&B smooth sound to it.


3. “Seven” by Jung Kook Featuring Latto

Coming in at 3rd is “Seven” by BTS’ Jung Kook. This song is so huge and great for many reasons. It has a really good rap verse by female rapper Latto (“Big Energy”). It was also produced by Andrew Watt, who just produced The Rolling Stones best album in decades. It is a song about sexual desire and it really doesn’t hold back on being explicit. The beat is absolutely perfect, Jungkook and Latto both sync seamlessly to it. It has a nice kind of 2000s hip-hop type of sound, a really smooth guitar riff with a little soul.


Don’t Ever Say Love Me by Colde Featuring RM


4. “Don’t Ever Say Love Me” by Colde Featuring RM

Number four is “Don’t Ever Say Love Me” by Colde, featuring RM from BTS. This is from his fourth EP “Love Part 2.” It is a nice dark tone song about cheating with some great piano play. I really love the pace of the song. It opens with a smooth sound and when RM comes in with a bit of a dark shadow. It’s a bit of a contrast of sadness and darkness. Colde’s vocals are so smooth and filled with sorrow.


Cotton Cand0y by Jinyoung


5. “Cotton Candy” by Jinyoung

After being a member of Got7 since 2014, Jinyoung is doing his own thing. Number five is “Cotton Candy” from his EP “Chapter 0: With.” Like cotton candy I really enjoy the taste of this song. Jinyoung’s vocals are so smooth. The song has a really solid rhythm to it. It’s a nice laid-back and relaxing track.


Back for More by TXT Featuring Anitta


6. “Back for More” by TXT Featuring Anitta

Coming in the sixth spot is TXT’s “Back for More” featuring Anitta. It’s a non-album release single that didn’t hit the charts, but I view it as their best of the year. It has amazing bass, some Spanish flare from Anitta’s verse and the attitude of the lyrics is what sets it apart from their other singles of 2023. The chorus line, “I can see you coming back more, coming back for more, if you walk out that door,” is so catchy and fun.


I Hate You by Jane Chun


7. “I Hate You” by Jane Chun

Coming in seventh is “I Hate You” by Jane Chun (formally of The Ark). This is such a hidden gem of a song. It is certainly the best k-pop break up song of 2023. It is a song about the grievances of a jilted lover. It is executed in such a fun manner. The song sounds very dreamy and relaxing, with a little bit of an island type of beat to it. Jane Chun rides the waves of the rhythm with pure perfection.


Super Shy by NewJeans


8. “Super Shy” by NewJeans

At the number eight spot is “Super Shy” from the NewJeans EP “Get Up.” It is a song about the pains of liking someone, but being too shy to do anything about it. We’ve all been there before right? I really love the sound of this song. It is very upbeat with a techno meets hip-hop kind of swing to it. It’s both a good dance song and relaxing.


Love Lee by AKMU


9 “Love Lee” by AKMU

Coming in at ninth is “Love Lee” by the sister and brother duo AKMU. Love is in the air as they sing about the happiness Cupid brings. It’s a very gentle and upbeat song with some soul to it. It’s very peaceful and relaxing to listen to. I really love how Lee Su and Lee Chan harmonize so beautifully together.


In the Mood by Wheein


10. “In the Mood” by Wheein

Topping off the list is Wheenin with “In the Mood.” It is the title track from her debut album. I am so much in love with the bass this song kicks out. It’s very upbeat and addictive. Wheein’s vocals match the rhythm with perfection. It’s relaxing and something you can dance to as well.


—- Cwamne Howard



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