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????? – Hello

????? is the standard way to say ‘hello’ in Korean, and can be used to greet someone no matter what time of the day. The phrase is made up of two words that literally translate as ‘are you at peace?’ or ‘are you well?’.

When someone greets you with this phrase, you can simply repeat it back.

? – Yes

This is the polite way to say ‘Yes’ in Korean. You will hear this a lot in everyday Korean. The reason for this is that you can use this to express your agreement, to show that you understand and even to show that you are listening.

??? – No

Yesterday you learned how to say ‘yes’ in Korean, and today we introduce the opposite. ??? is the polite way to disagree in Korean and can be directly translated to mean ‘no’ in English.

??? ??? – Goodbye

In Korean, there is more than one way to say goodbye, and the phrase you choose depends if you’re the person leaving or staying.

If you are the one leaving, you can say ??? ??? to the person or people that is / are staying. ??? is a command to ‘stay’, so we can translate this as ‘stay peacefully.

??? ??? – Goodbye

In yesterday’s edition of ‘word-of-the-day’, we introduced the phrase to use when you are leaving, and wish to say ‘goodbye’ to the person that is staying.

Today we introduce the ‘??? ???’, which is the polite phrase you can use when you are staying and the listener is leaving! The literal translation of the phrase is ‘leave in peace’.

???? – Hello?

When answering or making a phone call, we use the polite phrase ???? which also means ‘hello’. This is a standard greeting and has no formal or informal versions of this word so don’t worry about getting this wrong.

It is used by both parties in the conversation, just like how we answer the phone in English. The person receiving the call will pick up with this greeting, and the person making the call will respond with the same word.

?? – Name

?? is the plain noun which means ‘name’. You will often see it in the following sentence, which is asking ‘what is your name?’

??? ???? – What’s your name?

This is the standard, polite way to ask ‘what’s your name?’ to someone who is of equal age or social status as you. This is to be used in casual settings, as it is a polite form of asking, without coming across as super formal.


? – Me

? – You (? also has a variation of ? which means a Girl/Female)

1. You still remember the second word?
It is ? which means you

In this audio you will hear a phrase ????
?means “fine”
? is an auxiliary word which represents a question

the whole phrase means “Are you fine?” and is equivalent to “How are you?”

2. These two words combine to form the phrase “very fine”
?means very is an adverb
? means fine just as before.

How do you answer the question ????
Could you translate I’m very fine to Chinese?
I’ll leave this as a little homework

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