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“In this era of peace, the guardians hold the pieces to the gates that hold the Jinai back, holding them from ever returning to Androsia. There are protectors throughout the world, protecting the guardians at all cost, making sure they stay safe, and the next generation of guardians remain safe under their constant watch. Little did anyone know, there were few Jinai that existed in this world, living in hiding, taking over small villages, gaining resources, power, building up so one day they could be strong enough to open the gates again and bring back the rest of their kin, those that had been sealed away tightly.

The Jinai came back in full force, having to keep stealthy however, taking down the guardians and protectors one by one, trying to collect all the keys, though it was hard to find them outright. Vahn, the leader of this rebel Jinai exiles caught word that there was a guardian who had a piece, and wasn’t too far from where they lived. Vahn offered his nephew, Rhilen, the chance to take the guardian down, earning his right as the next leader of the Jinai, and giving him quite the status boost.

Without fail, Rhilen tracks down the guardian who was sheltered by priests and priestesses of a shrine.

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