The Top Celebrity Salons in S. Korea

March 16, 2018 | 4872 Visits

Taking care of the body and ensuring a brilliant skin is a top priority for many. And given the vast and dynamic level of beauty conscious celebrities in South Korea, a lot more salons seem to be springing up, helping locals and international clients alike get the best treatment for skin, hair and other vitally important skincare routines. With the steady rise of K-pop and Korean culture export, there’s surely one salon to fit your ideal beauty location if you fancy South Korean styled skincare. If you are wondering where the chunk of celebrities and locals alike in South Korea go for their beauty treatment, here is a list you’ll want to check out.


Since it started operations in 2012, this beauty house has welcomed and still welcomes a huge of South Korean celebrities. It also welcomes clients, such as couples from China and gives a decent Korean styled makeover. Lee Min-jun and Song Ji-hyo are known celebrities who patronize this salon, according to Yunhee Oh, a makeover artist who says they’ve slightly changed from heavier style makeups to more casual and Natural ones that take anywhere from two to five hours.

Dream Dermatology
Owned by a renowned surgeon – Dr. Dream, the dermatology clinic is much respected and patronized by notable South Koreans. Using rose stem cell extract and creating a signature line for celebrity clients, this salon delivers effective skincare regiments for South Koreans.

Avenue Juno
Although this salon declines to mention celebrities that fancy them, Avenue Juno is one of the leading hair salons and a long-time giant in the South Korean beauty industry. They create a good texture for hair treatment and are believed to serve a decent number of South Korean Celebrities.

A. By Bom

Known for their top-notch hair and nail treatment services, this make-up salon is a popular destination for a large number of South Korean celebrities and only recently opened another location to cater to its overwhelming demand. Sources claim Dan Ye-seul and Boa are big fans of this salon.

Kowon Beauty Shop

Home to one of the finest make-up artists in South Korea – Kowonhye, this beauty salon has popularly attracted national celebrities and actresses over the years. This long list includes Jang Yoon-ju and Honey Lee amongst others.

Shangpree Spa

This top Korean Beauty Spa is the quintessence of Korean Skincare salon. With licensed aestheticians, this brand has won national competitions and remains strong after formidable decades of entry into the Korean beauty scene. The gold rubber mask is a popular signature item of this brand.

The list, although not exhaustive, makes up arguably some of the finest beauty salons attracting the top celebrities in South Korea. Leveraging on the expertise of experienced beauticians and renowned clients as well as superior cosmetic and skincare lines have put South Korean salon brands on the world stage, a trend that seems to be increasingly welcome by locals and foreign clients alike. The Korean culture and K-pop genre have also played a big role in this trend.


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