MCND, aimed at the MZ generation, reveals the track list! The title song of the new album is ‘#MOOD’

July 4, 2022 | 6022 Visits


– Leader Castle J’s title song #MOOD Lyricist and co-composition participation, eye-catching!

– Simultaneous release of 4th mini album on/offline on July 7th

4th generation global idol group MCND has released the track list of their new album [THE EARTH: SECRET MISSION Chapter.2].

The track list of the 4th mini album [THE EARTH: SECRET MISSION Chapter.2] was released through the MCND official SNS channel at midnight on the 1st.

The track list, designed with the motif of the message screen, tactfully expresses the emotions of the MZ generation, who communicate with emoticons. The image with the meaning of communicating through trendy music raised the expectations of global fans for this album.

The track list includes the title songs ‘#MOOD’, ‘BLOW’, ‘REDSUN’, and ‘Back to you’. In addition, ‘W.A.T.1’, which pre-released a ‘perfect group dance performance’ as a track video, and ‘JUICE’, which drew an explosive response from global audiences on the European tour stage, are attracting fans’ expectations.

In particular, MCND leader ‘Castle J’ participated in writing and composing the lyrics for the title song ‘#MOOD’, and received credits for a total of 4 songs including ‘BLOW’, ‘JUICE’, and ‘Back to you’. . He drew attention by revealing his name. ‘Castle J’, which debuted in 2020, has steadily climbed the album credits until now, showing off its status as a self-produced idol.

Meanwhile, MCND’s new album [THE EARTH: SECRET MISSION Chapter.2] will be released on/offline on July 7th. The showcase held on the day of the album’s release will be broadcast live simultaneously through Naver’s ‘Vlive’ channel and Shopping Live, and will meet fans through an offline fan showcase for the first time since their official debut in Korea.


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