CL to Make First Comeback After Leaving YG Entertainment

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On November 8, 2019, former 2NE1 member and leader CL departed YG Entertainment following the end of her exclusive contract with the company. Many praised the move as CL has been kept in the basement for too long with only sporadic rumblings here and there on the American music scene.

However, CL will now be making her Korean comeback December 4, 2019 with her six-song project album In the Name of Love! According to Yonhap, two songs will be released from the album each week until the third week of December.

In the Name of Love will be her first release since 2015’s “Hello Bi+ches” and “Lifted.”


CL, who has not signed with another agency as of yet, decided to release the project album as an independent artist. In a message left on Instagram, CL acknowledges her decision to do so.


I started running before I even started walking. Without ever learning how to walk, how to rest, I accomplished a lot over the past 13 years, went through a lot of emotions, and learned a lot.

I was happy to live as the CL who was able to share a part of herself with you all and all the love that you gave me renewed me once more.

Like the 13-year-old Chaelin, like the words that my grandmother has given me, powerfully and confidently.

I am not going to wait for someone else to choose me and instead work on going back to being the CL that can tackle problems one by one. All the time and memories that I’ve experienced, and the emotions; I am excited and my heart flutters at the thought of sharing those with you.

For all the CLs in the world.

In the name of love,




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걸어 보기도 전에 달리기 시작해 걷는 법도 쉬어가는 방법도 모른 채 13년 동안 많은 걸 이루고, 많은 걸 느끼고 또 많은 걸 배우기도 했습니다. 저 자신을 여러분들과 나눌 수 있는 CL로 살아올 수 있어 행복했고, 또 여러분이 나눠주신 사랑이 저 자신을 다시 채워주었습니다. 13살 채린이처럼, 우리 할머니가 항상 해주시는 말처럼, 씩씩하고 당당하게. 누군가 선택해 주기를 기다리지 않고 다시 CL로 돌아가 하나씩 스스로 해나갈 거에요. 제가 경험한 시간과 추억, 그리고 감정을 함께 나눌 생각에 오랜만에 신이 나고 설렙니다. 이 세상 모든 CL을 위해. 사랑의 이름으로, CL

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CL teased the album on her Instagram, and fellow former 2NE1 member Park Bom also helped share the news on her page as well.



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+2019.12.4.6pm(KST)+ #inthenameofLOVE

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Are you excited for CL’s return to the Korean music scene?


—-Olivia Murray

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