All You Need to Know about the Han So-hee and Ryu Joon-yeol Break Up

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Two popular K-drama actors made waves recently for their romance. Han So-hee, known for acting in the drama Nevertheless, and Ryu Joon-yeol, known from Reply 1989, were a surprising pair to come onto the scene less than a month ago. They were spotted and photographed by a fan together in Hawaii. The fan noted that they appeared affectionate. Mid-March, their agencies initially did not confirm the rumors that the photos sparked, but soon they confessed that these two were indeed an item. However, this whirlwind romance has quickly come to an end, with the first reports of the break up coming March 30th. This means the couple was only public for two weeks!

Here’s the tea, and why this has caused a buzz. Previous to this, Ryu Joon-yeol had been in a long-term public relationship with Lee Hye-ri, his Reply 1989 co-star. This relationship lasted nearly 8 years! It was only last November (2023) that they announced their break up, though it was speculated as early as June 2023 that their relationship was on the rocks when Ryu Joon-yeol wasn’t at Lee Hye-ri’s birthday party.

After the Hawaii photographs started making rounds, Lee Hye-ri posted a picture of palm trees on her instagram story with the caption “That’s fun”. Fans also noticed that she unfollowed Ryu Joon-yeol. This only bubbled up the buzz about the new relationship.



Han So-hee created a social media post not too long after saying, “I like the ‘Transit Love’ program, but it’s not in my life.”

Then, Lee Hye-ri posted on her social media, “I sincerely apologize for the speculations and controversies that arose due to my personal feelings. I sincerely apologize to anyone who was harmed by me.”

There were several more back and forths on social media between Han So-hee and Lee Hye-ri, while Ryu Joon-yeol stayed quiet. Lee Hye-ri’s comments caused fans to speculate that Han So-hee may have spoiled her relationship with Ryu Joon-yeol. However, it seems that the first time Han So-hee and Ryu Jun-yeol spent a decent amount of time together was at Ryu Jun-yeol’s photo exhibition in November 2023. At the time, it was a business meeting, as Han So-hee had received an offer to appear in Deception alongside Ryu Jun-yeol. Because this was around the same time as the Lee Hye-ri break up announcement, and not months prior, it’s hard to believe that Han So-hee is the one who caused the break up.



Now, post break up, it seems neither will appear in Deception. Han So-hee’s agency commented that these actors wanted to focus more on their careers and that is why their relationship ended. The agency also commented that “Han So-hee gave herself and the public a difficult time due to her personal emotions. Her method of communication was incorrect. She will accept any criticism. Above all, the agency is greatly responsible for not looking after its actor. The agency is reflecting on failing to properly play its role. Although it is very late, we will go on to right things from now on. Please continue to watch with a warm gaze.”

Why do you think they broke up? Is it because of the public drama and emotional stress of their relationship so early on? Or was it just a fling?


—-Ellie Boyd


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