WINNER’s Kim Jin Woo Enlists

April 6, 2020 | 2697 Visits

WINNER’s Kim Jin Woo Enlists


Inner Circles had to say goodbye temporarily as WINNER’s Kim Jin Woo becomes the first member to enlist in the military.

Jin Woo entered the Nonsan Army Training Center in South Chungcheong on April 2, 2020. Here, he will begin four weeks of basic training before serving as a public service worker.

“Thank you for coming such a long distance during these times,” Jin Woo said. “I’ll return after safely receiving training well.” He continued, “Furthermore, thank you to Inner Circle who have always supported me by my side. Please look after my dongsaengs Lee Seung Hoon, Song Mino, and Kang Seung Yoon. Thank you.”

Jin Woo announced his plans to enlist two weeks ago via a letter to fans.


WINNER’s Kim Jin Woo Enlists 2


Inner Circle, hello.

I’m here because I have some news and I wanted you to be the first people to know about it.

Hm… I will be enlisting on April 2!

Though I will be apart from our Inner Circle for a bit, I will be healthy, brave, and do well, so our Inner Circle should also do your best in whatever you’re doing and put your health first! I hope you will be well.

And most of all, I am happy that we released news of our album, which is like a gift to us and you, before I go! We prepared it with so much joy in our hearts, and I’m so happy that we’ll get to listen to it with Inner Circle.

We still have good times ahead of us, so let’s smile and be happy! Though I haven’t been able to repay everything I have received, you know that Inner Circle is always No. 1 in my heart, right? Hehe.

And to my dongsaengs, who are now like real brothers to me.

I’m always grateful and I love you!

To Inner Circle, who always hold us up whenever and wherever! I’ll be well while I’m gone! Please take care of my dongsaengs.

Let’s meet again after I’m back! Stay healthy! I sincerely love you.


We wish Jin Woo well during his service.

Meanwhile, WINNER recently release the pre-release single “Hold” for fans. Their full album, Remember, comes out April 9. The group will then go on hiatus.


Photo cr. Soompi, Osen


—-Olivia Murray

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