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Articles that focus on the South Korean music genre known as K-Pop. K-Pop is a popular and fast-growing genre that is characterized by its catchy tunes, danceable beats, and elaborate music videos. K-Pop articles may cover a wide range of topics related to the genre, including the latest news and updates on K-Pop artists and groups, reviews of new K-Pop releases, and analysis of K-Pop’s impact on music and culture.

K-Pop articles may be written by fans, music critics, or industry professionals, and they may be published in a variety of formats, including online blogs, magazines, and newspapers. Some common types of K-Pop articles include news articles, reviews, interviews, features, and analysis pieces.

Whether you’re a die-hard K-Pop fan or just looking to learn more about the genre, K-Pop articles can be a great source of information and entertainment.

GOT7 – Hot and Dedicated to Success

GOT7 – Hot and Dedicated to Success  –  J Chung Got7 is a seven member boyband who made their debut officially on Mnet’s M! Countdown on 16th of January this year.  Got7’s members are named JB (the leader, who appeared in Dream...
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Got7 ‘Girls Girls Girls’ lyrics and English translation

Got7 ‘Girls Girls Girls’ lyrics and English translation           Lyrics and music by Jin-Young Park JB)노력하지 않아도 왜 그런지 몰라 나만 보면 자지러져 놀라 내 Look 내 Style 내 Swagger E.T) I don’t even...
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Lee Michelle – A Kcrush Exclusive

Michelle Lee is a Korean female singer and music instructor from Paju, South Korea. After successfully auditioning for K-pop Star Season 1 in 2011, she eventually was signed to YG Entertainment as part of a new girl group called Su:Pearls. However,...
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Issue 1 – May 2014

This is Kcrush first magazine issue. you can buy it for $6.75...
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Soy-Sauce Free Bulgogi Pork Recipe Doesn’t Lack Flavor, Heat – Joelle Halon

Bulgogi beef, a staple in Korean cuisine, is a dish that is made with thin slices of marinated beef. Bulgogi translates to fire meat in Korean since it is usually cooked on a grill.** According to CNN, bulgogi was named one of the tastiest meals in...
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While many great new K-Dramas exist, sometimes a nostalgia trip is in order to visit dramas forgotten over time. 2011-2012’s musical drama “What’s Up” was the ticket. With melodrama, music and relatable characters, the initial story...
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AKMU in "200%"./ via YouTube

K-Pop Rookies January-June 2014: The Best and Most Notorious Debuts

K-Pop Rookies January-June 2014: The Best and Most Notorious Debuts Joelle Halon The first half of 2014 started out with a bang with major releases from EXO, Infinite, Girls’ Generation, and 2ne1. Often lost in the shuffle are the potential next...
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EXO-K’s Overdose has Highs, Lows

EXO-K’s Overdose has Highs, Lows Joelle Halon Since 2012, EXO has amazed the K-Pop world with their quick rise to stardom. Since then, fans have eaten up every release from “Mama” to “Growl” to “Miracles in December.” In May, EXO...
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K-Indie Artists You Need to Know

Joelle Halon K-Pop’s diversity knows no bounds, which is why it’s such a great genre of which to be involved. While many focus on the mainstream music, there is a K-Music world many tend to ignore. The K-Indie scene is rich with strong vocals,...
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Korean women are known for their fresh, glowing, youthful skin. Looking at actresses in many K-Dramas like “You Who Came from the Stars,” women often look like they barely wear makeup due to their luminous skin. According to Linda Moerch, author...
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Reasons You Should Buy Our Magazine!

Reasons you need to choose our magazine: To Be Entertained about music industry of different genre. To Be Informed On what’s going on – Music Industry To know latest music topics in social media To relate lives of our music...
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